Classic film cameras from my personal collection & photo apparatus for sale

1 Superb Rolleiflex 3.5 medium format camera kit; NOW SOLD!

2 Nice, solid Zorki 35mm classic rangefinder; click here!

3 Immaculate Olympus 35SP rangefinder camera kit; clickhere

4 Olympus 35RC classic pocket rangefinder camera kit; click here

6 Complete 35mm/120 film and print developing kit; click here

7 Photographic paper & other darkroom supplies; click here

8 Pentax Auto 110 miniature camera kit; click here

9 Beautiful miniature Olympus XA camera kit; click here

10 Selection of Olympus Trip 35 cameras; click here

11 Yashicamat 24 medium format camera kit; NOW SOLD!

12 World famous RODINAL developer..yes, its true! click here

13 High quality Voigtlander Vito II vintage camera; click SOLD

14 Yashica Electro 35 high quality rangefinder, excellent, click here

I now accept credit/debit card payments via Google Checkout

Hi, folks! Rather than just keeping adding to my posts here every time I decide to offer a camera for sale, I have left this page permanently as the first one you come to when you come to my blog; it shows you what I am offering for sale without you having to navigate all round the blog just to find out!

A new refinement to the blog is how you can make your purchases — you can either purchase your camera by emailing me directly on harsum888 at yahoo dot com, or leaving a comment here on this blog OR you can click on that photo of an Olympus 35SP camera, just on your right hand side of the blog here, right underneath the world map….that’ll take you to my store on, OR you can make your purchase via my Etsy and CQout stores, too. Click any of the links on the main page that you come to when you search for my blog….any of those links will take you to my other stores online.

Anyway, besides buying a camera here, you’ll find some really great stuff to tickle your fancy, ranging from news or tidbits about famous photographers, unknown photographers, film and digital camera news, 35mm film reviews, and lots, lots more. I usually aim to post at least once a day, but failing that, depending upon what tasks the wife has lined up for me, at least once or twice a week!

Aside of that, I will also talk about film noir, writing, my other love, street photography, and also on the odd occasion, anything that really bugs me. We’re all allowed to rant and rave about things in this world!

I try and arrange regular street photography sessions here in Vancouver BC as well, so please do keep dropping in regularly. The most recent street shoot went really well and was enjoyed thoroughly by all concerned…thank you for attending!

Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and in the fashion of that famous phrase “me casa, su casa”, this blog is my blog….and your blog; if you don’t like anything in it, or feel there’s something missing, well, please let me know by your comments. I’d really appreciate that.

Oh, and a very, very warm welcome to the blog!         :)

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Foncie Fotos! No, not THAT Fonzie!

With a name that still manages to catch everyone’s attention, you can be sure that this person would be instantly recognised anywhere he went!

Only thing is, this Foncie was not the same kinda guy that we’re all used to seeing in that old TV show.

I’m talking about Foncie Pulice, Vancouver city’s best known and fondly remembered street photographer.

Foncie took literally millions of photographs bet ween 1935 and through to the end of the 80s. He was to be found at all the busy areas of Vancouver, like Stanley Park, Granville St, Robson St, etc. and it was a privilege to be photographed by him.

The funny thing is, even though street photography was a dying art in the 1030s, Foncie still made and effort to find his niche and make it very popular, no mean feat.

In the early days, he worked as a painter, but decides to try his hand at photography, which he liked and anyway it was a sure-fire way to meet hundreds of pretty girls, so he found himself a job working for Joe Iasi, who owned Kandid Kamera Snaps at 612 West Hastings St.

Shortly after military service, he became a partner with EM Brant, who owned Metro Photos at 550 Granville St, buying the business out himself a year later and renaming it Foncie’s Fotos. I often want to go take a look at these addresses where he worked, just to see what exists there now! Probably some modern chain store, or cellphone shops!

And that’s the location where he flourished, well known as a happy, ebullient man who was loved and adored by all who met him.

Foncie passed away in January 2003 aged 88 years.

A true legend!

Joe Iasi, who owned Kandid Kamera Snaps at 612 West Hastings – See more at:
Joe Iasi, who owned Kandid Kamera Snaps at 612 West Hastings – See more at:
Joe Iasi, who owned Kandid Kamera Snaps at 612 West Hastings – See more at:

See his work here….and also here!





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World famous Rodinal developing kit!



If you’re a hardened film camera enthusiast, I need say no more!

Rodinal….keeps for years. Pin sharp negatives. Contrasty. Everything. Period!

I have it….NOW!

In a NEW package that eliminates oxidisation due to air coming into contact with the developer. Complete kit has stop bath and fixer as well.

Price: US$48.00 plus US$37 shipping.

Canada: C$58 plus C$45 shipping.

UK/Europe: £32 plus £25 shipping

Payment via Paypal or direct online transfer into my CIBC/VanCity bank accounts

Email: harsum888 at yahoo dot com



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Nothing to do with cameras but…

I sometimes post completely unrelated items on here…regular readers will know that!

Today, I’m passing on something that may be of use to you if you, a friend or a loved one is suffering from eczema.

My friend was such a sufferer….her skin used to resemble an open sore almost…underneath it all she is a beautiful girl. Anyway, she had tried all the usual creams, lotions and potions that her doctor prescribed, as well as trying chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy etc etc.

None of these worked…the symptoms always came back.

Then she went to Egypt, and there an old lady told her what to do. Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of Dead Sea salt in the water, add one or two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (baking powder), make sure everything is dissolved, and then bathe using that water.

My friend lost all traces of eczema within 3 weeks flat!

Of course, I’m not a doctor, so I have to add a little disclaimer here, just in case! Everybody is different; it worked for my friend and many others; it may not work for everyone; please see your doctor if your condition is serious.

There you go! Hope that helps somebody somewhere and brings peace to their lives!



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Make either of these, or both, yours!

In the world of classic film cameras, no other cameras are such fun to use, and produce stupendous results, than these two here! My own considered opinion of course! I’m way biassed!

Make either or both of them yours TODAY!

Click here to find out more…..


Beautiful olympus 35sp classic rangefinder film camera kit with valuable filter set

Olympus 35SP, fully refurbished, for sale


Olympus Trip 35 film camera -- rare red lizard effect covering -- fully refurbished -- original box

Olympus Trip 35 film camera — rare red lizard finish — refurbished and for sale



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Finally..found time to sit down and get the paints out!

Regular readers will recall that the last time we talked about painting and drawing, was some 18 months ago if I’m not mistaken!


So finally, yesterday I surprisingly found time to get my watercolors out and try and give vent to my withering creative inclinations.

For the first ten or fifteen minutes, I just sta there like a dummy, wondering what to paint… in the end, after not having arrived at a single logical conclusion, I just went ahead with nothing in mind in particular, except possibly a liking for mountains, sea, and scenery.

Dollops of paint and water were liberally splashed onto the paper…without much thought, and what came out is shown here.

Yes, I know…they all look alike….but hey, I’m no artist…not even a budding artist. There is one very good friend I know who I will ask to give me her thoughts on the work I’ve done, and that’s Marina Kanavaki…..what do you say Marina? And of course, any of my other readers are very welcome to post your comments, however abrasive….don’t worry, I have a thick skin!

PS the size of these paintings is just 6cm by 4.5cm…yes, I prefer working on very small pieces!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Peter Scoones–underwater photographer extraordinaire!

As a child, I well remember watching documentaries on British tv about the natural world.

This was during the days when black and white tv was the norm..old VHF sets with rotary tuners and those well-known set-top aerials with 2 extendable prongs, which we sometimes had to manoeuvre around awkward places in order to get the right signal!

And one of the best documentaries I can recall were the ones by Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough.

Little known however is the fact that many of the shots and subsequent movie filming on David Attenborough’s programs were done by an unknown photographic genius by the name of Peter Scoones.

Peter was originally a naval architect with the Royal Navy in England, but learnt photography whilst working with the RAF in 1959.

His claim to fame came about quite accidentally while he was looking at a coelacanth that had been caught by a fisherman in Mozambique and was still alive, tied up to the side of the boat.

It just so happens that the coelacanth had been thought extinct for millions of years, but here it was in the flesh! Peter paid off the fisherman for the privilege to take the first ever photos of a live coelacanth, and that single action resulted in his new role as underwater photographer, and the awards of an Emmy and a Bafta for technical achievement.

He was the first man to photograph great white sharks swimming naturally in their environment, without resorting to luring them with hunks of rotting meat. And a daredevil of a man he was too…frequently risking his life on dangerous photographic quests such as filming deep under ice, or in waters infested with piranhas and alligators.

On top of his expertise in using his cameras, he was also very knowledgeable about them, many a time having to dismantle cameras costing thousands of $$$, when the waterproof housings had failed, and soaked the gear throughout. He would have the camera stripped down to it’s electronic circuit boards etc and dried and put together again within a matter of hours.

A very rare character indeed. Peter Scoones, born October 1937, died April 2014.

Peter Scoones


Thie photo taken by Peter Scoones showing the coelacanth that was thought to have been extinct for millions of years

Peter Scoones in his element




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More interesting books to read…

I usually list new books on my page that deals specifically with this…but people seem not to look a that page, so I’m posting details here as well!

This is a selection of books that I have read recently and which I think may appeal to my readers here:

Cabin Fever — Tom M Fate

Trump 101 — D J Trump

The 4 hour work week — Timothy Ferriss

Think big & Kick ass — D Trump

Ranger confidential — Andrea Lankford

Never give up –D Trump

Grizzlies & White Guys — Clayton Mack


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Another beautiful Olympus Trip on offer!

Yet again, I’m offering you the chance to acquire a superb Olympus Trip 35, as always, fully refurbished, new light seals fitted, cleaned and recovered with a brand new Red lizard effect covering, which gives the camera a very unique look indeed.

Picture 479

For more details, click here



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How to get pinhole photos from your digital camera

We’ve talked about pinhole cameras before here….if you recall, I showed you my way of making one with an empty 35mm film cartridge?

Well, as we’re being bombarded with so many digicams all around us, here’s a nice idea to temporarily convert your digicam into one which will take beautifully authentic pinhole shots.

All you need is a digicam of the SLR type, which had interchangeable lenses, much like the classic film cameras we use. Then you will need black card, a sharp pin, black tape and scissors.

Of course, the biggest bugbear of cameras, whether they be film or digital, is dust ingress. And dust in a digicam can reek absolute havoc if it is in or around the vicinity of the film sensor….with a film camera, you can get away with quite dusty cameras, as they don’t have super-sensitive digital sensor, but with a digicam, you’re toast!

Anyways, so in order to prevent this dust enigma, the way I did it was to leave the lens in place on my camera, but instead drilled a 0.5cm hole in the plastic lens cap, then taped the black card with the pinhole over this hole.

This way, you are using the camera without any modification whatsoever, except for fitting the card to the lens cap!

And the results are very good too. Here are some from the web for you…

PS…..I found that the results with a hole made in black card come out with a fuzzy edge, which is caused by the roughness of the hole in the card….that’s shown as in this photo below:

Many people prefer this rough finish at the edges for their shots, as it adds an extra dimension to the result, but if you feel you want a cleaner edge to your photos, instead of taping the black card with hole on it to your camera, use aluminum cooking foil, with a nice clean hole in it instead.




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See? B&W photos still catch the eye!

Recently, I was in a coffee shop in downtown VanCity….nothing unusual there…I’m always to be found all over the city in coffee shops most of the time…I use them as my mobile office!

So anyways, I ordered a latte, and went over to sit down by my favourite seat by the window, and wait for the drink to arrive.

Immediatley the barista brought down my coffee, my eye caught the cup.

It had the most exquisite monochrome photos on it, so after I’d spent my manadatory few hours drinking cup after cup of their excellent coffee, I asked the friedly and very beautiful barista if she could let me have an empty cup.

I brought it home, carefully opened it up, and took these shot straight off it…hope you like them!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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