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Hi, folks! Rather than just keeping adding to my posts here every time I decide to offer a camera for sale, I have left this page permanently as the first one you come to when you come to my blog; it shows you what I am offering for sale without you having to navigate all round the blog just to find out!

A new refinement to the blog is how you can make your purchases — you can either purchase your camera by emailing me directly on harsum888 at yahoo dot com, or leaving a comment here on this blog OR you can click on that photo of an Olympus 35SP camera, just on your right hand side of the blog here, right underneath the world map….that’ll take you to my store on, OR you can make your purchase via my Etsy and CQout stores, too. Click any of the links on the main page that you come to when you search for my blog….any of those links will take you to my other stores online.

Anyway, besides buying a camera here, you’ll find some really great stuff to tickle your fancy, ranging from news or tidbits about famous photographers, unknown photographers, film and digital camera news, 35mm film reviews, and lots, lots more. I usually aim to post at least once a day, but failing that, depending upon what tasks the wife has lined up for me, at least once or twice a week!

Aside of that, I will also talk about film noir, writing, my other love, street photography, and also on the odd occasion, anything that really bugs me. We’re all allowed to rant and rave about things in this world!

I try and arrange regular street photography sessions here in Vancouver BC as well, so please do keep dropping in regularly. The most recent street shoot went really well and was enjoyed thoroughly by all concerned…thank you for attending!

Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and in the fashion of that famous phrase “me casa, su casa”, this blog is my blog….and your blog; if you don’t like anything in it, or feel there’s something missing, well, please let me know by your comments. I’d really appreciate that.

Oh, and a very, very warm welcome to the blog!         :)

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Meet one of the last bohemians of Vancouver city!


What is that? I mean, you hear that word so many times, maybe in a pub, club or just about anywhere when talking with friends and colleagues.

Well, strictly speaking, a bohemian, as quantified by a dictionary, is this:

“somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc they are usually very creative people. they are above all optimists, even if they can be very cynical too…. they like wearing a mixture of weird clothes and mix different fashions together just for the heck of it….they like weed…. generally very laid back and relaxed. “

Another, maybe more accurate meaning is given by this article from that barometer of world bastions, the BBC…read it here!

Whatever the meaning, I wanted to talk about a guy who very definitely meets this explanation. His name is Keith McKellar.

Keith McKellar, with his famous leather waistcoat! photo Metro News

I had been staying at the Patricia Hotel in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, an area well known for it’s seamier side of life, being home to substance abusers, the poor and homeless people.

Although all these people in the DTE area of Vancouver are harmless, that still doesn’t stop people from other wealthier environs, taking a circular route bypassing this side of town.

A pity in my view, as the area has the highest concentration of artists per capita in the whole of Canada. There are professional artists, emerging artists, community artists, student artists and lovers of all the arts here.

There are poets, musicians, actors, theatres and theatre companies, art galleries, contemporary and traditional dancers, film-makers, writers, visual artists, festivals, choirs, arts schools and universities and many more genres of art.

And it is within this atmosphere that Keith McKellar honed his persona.

Keith can be found most weekends parked at Commercial Drive/Gravely, just opposite the Café Roma, his drawings and paintings overflowing out of his brown Chevy van that has become somewhat of a trademark all over Vancouver now.

Keith’s work is mainly pen and ink, with vivid, almost flourescent colours, depicting Vancouver cafes and theatres, dives and dance halls. In fact, anything crumbling at the edges and left behind in history seems to draw his eye. But nothing more so than the city’s neon advertising lights, steadily dwindling nowadays, fizzing down to blackout with each passing day.

Most of his drawings are eccentric ink renditions of some of the city’s most legendary eateries , about which he says “The café is like the church of modern times. It is a meeting place, a place where you can share your secrets. It’s a timeless place. It’s a fulcrum room in our existence.”

A little bit about Keith…

His main job way back in the 70s was as a cabbie in Vancouver. As he explains himself, “Cab driving was a front-row seat at the pulse. A tilt at the trove… The neon geography was a seizure of colour and motion.”

However, with that seat right in the middle of where everything was happening, the streets, came the demon of firewater…he was drinking hard, which resulted in the inevitable, his marriage to a childhood sweetheart collapsed.

After that, he went from job to job, totally over 65 different jobs.

“I’d been pushing the river the wrong way. Sleeping anywhere: rooftops, fire escapes, couches. So I jumped off that train and rolled. Then I got up and just kept running”, he says.

He managed however, to travel a phenomenal amount during those days, taking in LA, Taiwan and Japan, after which the drawings seemed to start flowing as if from a faucet that had been kept closed for so long.

“I lived like a monk, of course. But living like that is the ultimate wealth. I was outdoors in L.A. for 30 days and 30 nights. All you need is a tarp and a sleeping bag. A cart for your paper and pens.”

What of his technique? Well, it also has a suitably mystic twist, as befits a bohemian… “I call it quick-slow,” he says. “You have to be fast on the inside and keep a slow hand. It’s hard work pulling ink. But it’s like riding your bicycle up the Fraser Valley and a guy blows by on his Harley, this hunk of sausage on wheels with $100 bills falling out of his pockets from the dope deals, and you suddenly feel light and ethereal.”

To an observer, Keith’s age bears hardly no resemblance to his physical persona…he’s sun-burnt and lean, tall and walks with a positive…well, bohemian slant, his long hair waving behind him, and his trademark leather waistcoat and neckerchief making him stand out from the crowds anywhere he goes.

And he has his own views about where his work should really be available for viewing. “Galleries? I don’t mind galleries,” he says finally. “But I don’t go knocking on doors.”

A staunch bohemian to the last!

See him in action here..


Classical Joint Coffee House


Ovaltine Cafe Interior

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The film camera that takes fotos with light from a single candle? Aw..come on..!


That was the marketing spiel used when the Yashica Electro 35 first hit the streets way back in the 70s. And indeed, the spiel was backed up by actual shots taken with the camera, where the only light was from a single candle.

How was that possible? Well, the main reason is that humungous f1.7 lens, made of solid high quality optical glass.

Without further ado,  here’s what a professional says about it:

“The shutter is the quietest I have seen, and Ive seen millions of cameras, believe me! Its a wonderful, stepless, leaf shutter, so quiet, that you may even prefer it to those on your fancier cameras. And legend has it that these cameras can effortlessly take a photo by candelight, something even the mighty Leica is hard-pressed to do, if at all!”

Im offering one for sale right now…click here to fnd out more!

Picture 370






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Enter into the SpaceLab…..!

Recently I decided to do some posts about shops and businesses that interest me in and around the Vancouver downtown area.

The first post was about the quirky bookshop that is called Spartacus, based in the Strathcona area of VanCity DTE.

Today’s post is also about another unique shop.

It is located in Vancouver’s Chinatown, and is called Studio 126

It’s run by a collection of rather cool guys and gals, Chris (he of the full ginger beard!), Ryan Quirico, Gabriel Wilde and Anna Karolina Szul (and of not forgetting little baby, too!). Ryan told me that Anna is an accomplished artist and some of her work is available to see and purchase in the shop.

I’m sure these guys will correct me if I have missed anyone out, as my visit to their shop was a little short time-wise.

Walk down E Pender St, past an eclectic mix of oriental shops, selling anything from dried fish, squid, herbs and berries to Feng Shui buddhas, and you will most probably walk right past Studio 126.

The reason for that is because it is such an unpretentious place, with it’s display window placed some 2 feet back from the sidewalk, it is easy to miss. Immediately you enter the place, on your right will be the chance to sample a cup of the original Stumptown coffee, served by an equally original, charming and beautiful young lady called Gabrielle Wilde (correct me if I’m wrong!).

So with a cup of Stumptown in your hand, you lead the way as your eyes take you. There’s no distinct separation between the different areas of the shop, meaning you are encouraged to ramble slowly through.

There’s so much here that you really need to set aside at least an hour for rummaging through the stuff they have…I mean, there’s things you and me and a thousand million other folks threw out with the garbage decades ago…things like tape cassette players, manual typewriters (yes!), handmade artwork, classic film cameras, odd animal skulls, small pieces of odd wood, some carved, some driftwood I would say…

All in all, a superb place to browse away your weekend…I heard the quote “Sip n Shop” about this place somewhere!

Too right…we need far more shops like these…beats strolling around in a featureless mall any day!





all photos copyright filmcamera999    2014



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For sale…Olympus 35SP and Olympus 35RC

I’ve been talking with friends about one of my favorite cameras recently, the Olympus 35SP rangefinder, and one that is getting rarer nowadays, as more and more people realise what stupendous qualities it has been built to.

There is simply nothing about this camera that doesn’t scream quality. It’s solid, smooth, shiny, comfortable, easy to use….all in the right places and proportions.

Picture 328

It just has the feel of excellence you’ve felt in a Leica, Hasselblad, Contax and their ilk.

No wonder people have called it one of the best rangefinders ever made….and you can make it yours NOW….click here to find out how!





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A reminder of years gone by…


I saw this vintage caravan parked in a side-street where I was shooting in the downtown east area of Vancouver.

Really felt incongruous compared to the newer, more modern cars and buildings around.




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Amazing photography….

Recently I heard of a remarkable man and his work with the most abundant substance on earth…water.

Arik Kfir is based in Israel and works as a policeman for his living, but in his spare time, he transforms into a whirlwind of talent.

One of his galleries shows an astounding selection of shots depicting simple drops of water, but with a difference.

He has added everyday names and objects that are familiar the world over.

Working with unlimited patience, plus a selection of strategically placed flash guns, he shoots drops of water falling from an IV bag.

Here are some of his results, which I think you will agree are spectacular to say the least….



See the rest of Arik’s work here…..







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Coming soon….

Coming very soon….two of the most iconic film cameras to come out of the Olympus stable!

I will be offering a beautiful and high quality Olympus 35SP, the only rangefinder camera with a spot metering facility, and it’s brother the Olympus 35RC.

So please keep it here and drop in regularly….




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Olympus Trip is everybody’s favorite!

I have always been a staunch user and collector of the Olympus Trip 35.

It doesn’t need me to tell you how fabulous it is….there are literally thousands of pages devoted to it on the internet.

And so far, since January 2013 right on up to the present, I have refurbished and sold so many of them, I’ve lost count!

The most recent was purchased by Kieran, a great guy who lives here in Vancouver. In fact, he purchased one with a custom blue lizard covering initially, then came back and bought another one as well, having gifted the first one to a friend.

So, Kieran….here’s looking at you, guy….I know you’ll enjoy using it!

Olympus Trip 35 film camera -- rare tan crocodile effect covering -- fully refurbished





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Who’s that girl….?

Picture 001






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Do come into my bookshop everyone…

My love of books should by now be very obvious to all my regular readers.

I make no bones about it….I am a serious bibliophile (hmm…sounds like an indecent word, doesn’t it!), and have been ever since I could read the alphabet aloud!

Even at school, when other kids were out playing football, or bashing each other’s heads and other schoolboy antics, I used to be reading my books if I could at all. I particularly loved those huge big books in the Time-Life series….they covered all kinds of wonderful subjects like science, geology, animals, etc and in those days when the internet was not even a dream in a boffins’ eye, I grew captivated by the written word and spectacular color photographs within those books.

So I kind of grew into books…it suited my temperament, as even at that age, I craved peace and quiet and loved my own company, which, unfortunately, I found to be detrimental later on in my teenage years, but that’s another story for another time…ladies beware!

But getting back to the point of this post, I walked past this tiny bookshop situated in the Strathcona neighborhood of Vancouver downtown eastside, and was instantly captivated by it.

Of course it helps that I love books, but once inside, it has that uncanny feeling you get in most bookshops that are run by Staff who themselves care for and love books…I guess it’s a kind of some sort of synergy effect given out maybe by he books and the people combined.

You get an immediate rush of that well-known aroma you find in bookshops as you walk in. And there is the peace and quiet as well….don’t you just love that?

Spartacus, as the place is called, is run on a non-profit basis, and is a collective, meaning that no single person owns it…instead, it’s run by several people, all of whom (please correct me if I’m wrong, you guys at Spartacus!) work there at selected hours on a voluntary basis.

There are several things I really like about this place which makes it absolutely unique, aside of the collective-ness…they have several computers inside at the rear of the shop, for use by absolutely anyone…that in itself is a first….I cannot for the life of me think of any shop that does that… the moment of writing, I was nt able to confirm whether or not the computers offer free internet access, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

Then outside of the shop, there is a free telephone, again for use by anybody, and it’s available even when the shop is closed 24/7.

When I first saw it, my mind immediately thought what would happen if that were done in England, where vandalism is rife and out of control, with nobody having the courage to bring it into control, least of all the ploice….in Engalnd, anything like this would have been ripped off the wall long ago…

Bearing in mind that Spartacus is located within one of the poorest neighborhoods in the whole of Canada, a place where homelessness and substance abuse is rife, it just shows you that we should not always judge a book by it’s covers (no pun intended!)…something which I am always guilty of.

There is a good selection of books here, ranging from socialist dogma, religion, spirituality, humor, and a whole lot more besides.

The bookshop is rented on a lease and the rent is supported by the sale of books, with any profits being ploughed back to buy more stock.

Talking to one of the Staff members, I learnt that the shop will be moving from this location in June this year, as the building is due for refurbishment.

A beautiful bookshop, run by people for the people…do walk in if ever you are in the area! Remember, you heard it here first!

Picture 014 Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007 Picture 008 Picture 009 Picture 010 Picture 011 Picture 012 Picture 013


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