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Please feel free to contact me via email on

Kindly mark your email WORDPRESS.

I am not contactable by telephone unfortunately, as I work full-time. However, I do promise to respond to your emails within 24 hrs.

Remember, my advice is 100% FREE, so if you have any query about cameras, film or photography in general, I will try my absolute best to help you, or if I cannot, I will point you in the general direction where help can be found. I am not a genius (at least, I don’t think so…not yet, anyways!), so please don’t be offended if I cannot solve your problem!

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4 Responses to Contact me

  1. figtree23 says:

    Hi, filmcamera999,
    You recently started following my blog based on my John Wayne article. I have seen a marked increase in followers recently and would really like to know how you came across my blog. I have been trundling along with only about 5 followers and then this sudden explosion so am very curious.
    Thanks again for your interest and I think your blog is very interesting. I look forward to making my way through it.


    • hi adrian and thanks for your kind message!
      well..what can i say…the secret could be just that im a very special person…hehe!
      no, seriously….the way blogs work is that once a blog has been picked up by another blog that is already drawing a large following, then any blogs tagging along with the one that has a large following will conversely start to get a similar or larger following, too…phew..hope u understood that!
      of course, it pays to have an interesting blog in the first place…best of luck!

  2. Very cool…keep it up filmcamera999

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