Waiting…hoping…downtown Vancouver







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Spontaneous Vancouver…

Taken today…in the pouring rain…

Picture 206




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Sold..another beautiful Olympus Trip 35!

As regular readers know by now, I always have several cameras from my collection of man, some of which I would never offer for sale, and some which I have to sell off in order to create space for yet more acquisitions!

So during the past few weeks, I have sold several fully refurbished Olympus Trip cameras, and the buyers are really happy with their purchases, too, I’m glad to report.

I also have another beautiful gem on offer as we speak…it’s another of my favourite film cameras of all time…a Ricoh GR1s, the same camera as the one used by fabled street shooter Daido Moriyama!

If you are interested in it, just leave me a comment here on this blog or email me for further details.

Picture 312



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Meet another guy with similar interests and more!

The other day here in Vancouver, I happened to come across a guy who immediately caught my attention.

The reason was that he seemed to be using one of my all-time favourite cameras, a Nikon Photomic F2….one of, if not the only film camera built so solidly and with such precision, that it was chosen as the camera to be used by NASA during it’s space missions.

And in fact, the Nikon Photomic FTn was used in the Apollo 15 mission.

But anyways, back to the guy with the Nikon….his name is Miroslaw Gwiazda, who just happens a fervent film user, shooting huge quantities of Ilford 3200, as well as moving pictures and large format. He also does his own film processing, too.

I think this guy is going places….see his work here


was selected as a special manufacturer of 35mm cameras for NASA.

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Relic of the past…drive-in attendant serviced gas station, DTE Vancouver

Picture 323

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Homeless and social housing…aka Vancouver downtown East

“What would it hurt for me to give that homeless guy a couple bucks? Who the hell cares if he spends it on beer? Maybe beer is a step up for him from the harder stuff that knocked him onto the streets in the first place. Maybe, just maybe, he’s actually going to spend it on food (homeless people do eat, right?). Maybe, he really is a desperate human being who is trying to change his situation.”



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Another attempt at movie making!

As you may know, I have been trying to make inroads into getting together my very own moving picture collection, but, alas, so far, I have only been able to knock up very amateurish conglomeration of still photos coupled with a little music!

My next experiment will be chopping up clips of already existing films and mixing them together to create a totally new view of a subject…as yet, I don’t know how I’m going to do it but…

Here is my latest attempt…it hopefully captures glimpses of those wonderful days of my life in the 60s….!


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Meet my friend Marina..and her work!

For some time now, I have been conversing with a lady in Greece…her name is Marina Kanavaki.

Her work has me enthralled, cut a long story short! Her latest work has blown my mind….so without further ado, take a look at it yourselves here

And please let me know what you think!


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The world’s smallest rangefinder!

Just  a few days ago, I was on a shooting assignment in Vancouver’s Chinatown area, just taking pot shots of people and mostly anything I found interesting.

The camera I was using this time was not my favorite Ricoh GR1, nor my Olympus Trip 35..this time it was an Olympus XA.

Of all the film cameras I regularly use, I find the XA a real street shooter’s dream come true!

It’s such a tiny and comfortable camera to hold in your hand…it magically seems to fit almost anyone’s hand, and feels just right as well.

And the one major reason why I like it so much, and why nobody seems to bother seeing it in use in the streets, is because it’s so small, black in colour, and has no major knobs or buttons showing, that would bring it to the attention of anyone….I once was accosted while taking shots in New York..the person asked me to hand over money and valuables, so I gave him what little money I carry on photo-shoots, just a few bucks.


He saw the XA in my hand and told me to hand that over, too, and he looked at it awhile, then surprisingly, handed it back to me, saying “You can keep that piece of s***t….that ain’t any good to nobody..”! Or words to that effect!

So anyway, you get the picture.

A fabulously under-estimated camera, with enough features to put even modern cameras to shame.

I’m selling one here




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Nothing to do with cameras, but…..

The beauty of this blog, if I say so myself, is that it gives us a platform to voice our rants.

And that is exactly what I want to do today, after reading about a terrible thing taking place as we speak.

We’ve all heard of fancy bags, shoes etc made from snake skins. Well, by the time you finish reading this little post, I don’t think any sane person would by such an item, ever again.

In short, this is how the snakes are killed for their skins…correction, tortured would be a more apt term, as we will see…read on.

The first step is when the snake is stunned with a hard blow on the back of its head. However, there are no checks made to ascertain if the snake has indeed been stunned or not….many times, the snake is not stunned at all, but the evil process goes on regardless.

Then, a plastic hose is shoved down its throat, and the snake is filled with water by force, until the creature has ballooned. A leather cord is then tied around its neck so that the water does not leak out, and it is left like this for about 15 minutes.

After this, the snake’s head is impaled on a metal hook…notice that the head is not removed, but impaled…. and the now loosened skin is sliced off the snake…again, many times, the snake at this point is still alive.

Once the skin has been taken off, the snake body is thrown onto a pile of skinned snakes, where they continue convulsing in immeasurable pain or die from dehydration in the sun.

The process to make a handbag like this costs the producer just approx $30, but the bags end up being sold for around $4000 in designer stores.

Isn’t it time that someone somewhere brings the designer stores to the public notice to show the cruelty from which they are profiting?

By the way, I do have photos of the process, but I decline to show them here.


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