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Qigong is something which has often been connected with Chinese martial arts. Many styles of Chinese martial arts have their own qigong (internal exercises) and neigong (external exercises) composed of specific movements, mental focus, and breathing; but what exactly is qigong? Qigong is composed of the characters 氣 and 功. The first character 氣 (qi/chi) can be translated as “air” or “vital energy.” The second character 功 (kung/gong) is the same character as in kung fu/gong fu and translates as work or cultivation.
Many people feel that qi is some magical, mystical force which can be used for everything from no-touch knockout, levitation, combustion, and telekinesis, to actual martial arts techniques. There is little consensus on what qi is in a functional sense, in martial arts techniques but as far as in qigong practice we can easily have a concrete definition of qi.
Qi is translated as air AND vital…

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