Best film for portraits….

Amongst all of the film s available, one of the very best you can still buy is Kodak T Max 100.

It’s used the world over by professionals for anything ranging from portraits to landscapes to fine art uses.

Because it has fine grain, it gives superbly sharp photographs and high resolution as well, and that’s why it;s so suitable for fine art especially, as normally this genre requires a high amount of detail. You can even use it for low light or night scenes without any problems whatsoever, as it is quite forgiving for incorrect exposure settings that you may have neglected by accident.

For those readers who like to develop their own films, what is the best chemical for T Max 100? I have always used Rodinal, but you can get good results with Kodak D 76, too. Aside of these two, I also have my own quirky set-up using liquids you may not have heard of….I will cover that in a separate article soon!

There you have it….now you know which film to buy if you want quality shots! And here are some photos taken with T Max 100 film:






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ME & MY PASSION! ok, you probably looked at the length of this "about me" page and thought, god, what's wrong with this guy!....does he have to start telling us his life story or something!!? well, youve come here now anyways, so why not hear what im like as a person, eh? ive been using film cameras for well over 30 first one being the family yashicamat twin lens! over the years, ive both bought sold and collected film cameras...too many to tell the truth! in fact, ive been buying and selling cameras well before the internet came on the scene, so anything you purchase from me is backed by my self-styled moneyback promise.....if you dont like what youve bought, send it back within 14 days and you get all your money arguments!! WHERE I STAND ON THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION! yes, i do use digital as well, but only as a ready-reckoner...i try and take most shots with my simple 2megapixel digicam....if the shot looks good, i pull out my film camera and shoot! i most defintely do not believe in digital manipulation of photographs....that in my eyes is not photography...its cheating! WHERE I USED TO LIVE, WHERE I AM NOW & WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO! i used to live in Ontario, Canada, but moved back to the UK a little while ago (its a long story..!)...but now i'm living in the one place i always wanted to be...Vancouver, BC..the next best thing to paradise on earth! as i work as a freelance writer as well as other things, i often find hat my work takes me to europe for short spells, so i get to travel a lot...not a blessing, as i just hate long flights! im a qualified Quality Assurance guy (you know...ISO 9000, auditing, documentation etc) ....99% of my skill-set is transferable so i can handle any admin or documentation-related roles....see you in BC! otherwise, i specialise in ISO 9000 auditing and documentation. my dream? to have my own thriving camera shop in Vancouver BC, whilst living in the mountains somewhere.....the best of both worlds!
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2 Responses to Best film for portraits….

  1. Spooky.. audits and camera collecting together.. sounds very familar! :S πŸ™‚

    I only got into photography in 2009 and then discovered medium format film photography in October 2012. With my Nikon D800 and digital gear I bought as I thought I needed and have quite a few primes. When it came to film however it’s gone a little out of control. Since October, so within 6 months, I have bought a Contax 645, Pentacon Six (see blog!), Nikon FM (35mm), ARAX-CM, Kiev-88, Mamiya RZ Pro II and just, a Moskva-5. With those I also bought around 9 additional lenses – 45mm (x2), 65mm (x3), 110mm, 120mm, 180mm (x2).

    I now plan to sell the Pentaconx Six, Kiev 88 for starters and see how it goes from there. Contax 645 is fastest to grab and shoot with. Mamiya is most rewarding, ARAX is most used and Moskva-5 has not yet arrived!

    I work as a senior auditor for a large global manufacturing co so take my camera where I go. Like you I dream of/ plan to go into full time into photography. Perhaps teaching as I enjoy that, giving photography tuition / photography workshops or become full time model photographer for an agency, magazine or brand. I want to find a niche where I can shoot film in todays market!

    As for best portrait film I shoot TMAX (100 and 400). 400 on a medium format sensor is not noticeably much grainer that TMAX 100 at screen size resolution. C41 Ilford XP2 Super is also very fine but lacks contrast. I’ve also read that the best portrait film is Fuji Acros 100 so have ordered 5 rolls to test this statement! πŸ™‚

    • hi, matthew! at first, i was confused what you meant by “spooky…audits and film cameras…”, but then i got a hang of it! yes, ive been into QA audits for many yrs, and been getting a bad name with it too, when you confront the guys with your findings!
      as you say, id really love to get into photography f/time, but im afraid it wont pay the bills…its very unreliable income, maybe you may sell a shot or two in a yr, no more. thats what i found.
      so ive taken on writing, which is just as pleasurable and pays better!
      here in vancouver, it allows me to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle as well as paying the bills.
      rgds medium format, looks like youve really gone overboard on that one! all good cameras tho.
      thanks for dropping in, sir!

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