I’m thinking of going “independent”…..!

Time was when I had just started this blog as a pastime, or a place where I could vent my anger (I used to vent it out on my wife, but she hit back with an even greater threat…..”say that once more buster and you’re gonna be the eligible bachelor nobody will want to be eligible with…”, or words to that effect!), or tell tall tales about my camera collection, or…well, you get the idea!

That wasn’t so long ago, and today, this blog, your blog, is reaching dizzy heights (for me, anyways!), with 36 000 hits so far, an email inbox that is so full of emails, I’m betting that even a $400 000 000 lottery winner doesn’t get as many emails!

I’ve always mentioned this problem with messages and that I’m thinking of hiring a lady to help me out (especially “that” lady over there, across the road, you know, the slim, blonde one with..ahem, ahem..you get the point!).

And because of all the work that this entails, it means I’m spending increasing amounts of time with my eyelids stuck open with match sticks in the middle of the night, trying to answer or research new stuff for all you guys and gals. That’s not anybody’s idea of fun, I’m sure (well, I suppose there may be some hard nuts out there who’d really love to do that…).

And not only time….as the old adage goes, “time is money”, so while I’d be the first to say I really enjoy what I’m doing, it don’t help that much when there ain’t no dough in that there pocket!

The only way I can get some cash in on this blog, is to get my own domain. There are a 1001 plans out there that are really very cheap, but then if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys in return, if you see what I mean.

My own domain will allow me to place adverts on the site, which will hopefully bring in a few pennies and help a little towards the cost of hosting etc. Plus with your own domain, you are in charge….you are free to do whatever you want on your own site (within reason) without upsetting those good people at WordPress.

But….I’m stuck in a conundrum (by the way, conundrum is an ancient Sanskrit word..just thought you’d like to know that)….do I, or don’t I? If I do, some people say I risk losing my following, at least for a while anyway, until the search engines pick it up again.

And if something goes wrong on your own site, aside of the help the hosting people may give you, you’re on your own!

See what I mean? Now, let me ask some of you out there….what would you do? Stay with WordPress as a free blog and follow their rules, or go get your own domain and pay for the privilege?




About filmcamera999

ME & MY PASSION! ok, you probably looked at the length of this "about me" page and thought, god, what's wrong with this guy!....does he have to start telling us his life story or something!!? well, youve come here now anyways, so why not hear what im like as a person, eh? ive been using film cameras for well over 30 years...my first one being the family yashicamat twin lens! over the years, ive both bought sold and collected film cameras...too many to tell the truth! in fact, ive been buying and selling cameras well before the internet came on the scene, so anything you purchase from me is backed by my self-styled moneyback promise.....if you dont like what youve bought, send it back within 14 days and you get all your money back...no arguments!! WHERE I STAND ON THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION! yes, i do use digital as well, but only as a ready-reckoner...i try and take most shots with my simple 2megapixel digicam....if the shot looks good, i pull out my film camera and shoot! i most defintely do not believe in digital manipulation of photographs....that in my eyes is not photography...its cheating! WHERE I USED TO LIVE, WHERE I AM NOW & WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO! i used to live in Ontario, Canada, but moved back to the UK a little while ago (its a long story..!)...but now i'm living in the one place i always wanted to be...Vancouver, BC..the next best thing to paradise on earth! as i work as a freelance writer as well as other things, i often find hat my work takes me to europe for short spells, so i get to travel a lot...not a blessing, as i just hate long flights! im a qualified Quality Assurance guy (you know...ISO 9000, auditing, documentation etc) ....99% of my skill-set is transferable so i can handle any admin or documentation-related roles....see you in BC! otherwise, i specialise in ISO 9000 auditing and documentation. my dream? to have my own thriving camera shop in Vancouver BC, whilst living in the mountains somewhere.....the best of both worlds!
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8 Responses to I’m thinking of going “independent”…..!

  1. You CAN have your own site and still be in WP. You simply change to WordPress e-commerce [http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce/]. That way [I think] you keep your followers AND have it a more professional way.

    • thanks for that idea, marina!
      although WP e-commerce does not allow you to have other advertisers on your site…which is what im looking for….
      come to think of it…im still not 100% sure what you can do and cant do with WP free….!

  2. limr says:

    You can register your domain with an independent company (I use GoDaddy) and WordPress will (for a fee, of course) map your WordPress blog to the new domain. It’s seamless, really. You can also buy/register your domain with WordPress itself. From the “My Blogs” page, you’ll see a bunch of links at the bottom, one of them being “Store”. You can see the different ways you can go more professional while still using WordPress as your interface.

    As for how easy it is to monetize, I’m not sure. It might be easier using GoDaddy, but I don’t really understand it all. I haven’t gotten to the point where I am ready to deal with the business side of my blogs.

    • hi, limr!
      thnks for your ideas..all taken onboard!
      all i really want to do is advertise on the blog so that it can start bringing in the pennies…every little bit counts!
      as for selling, i already have links on the blog that take my readers direct to my selling outlets, so i dont really need a selling platform, altho if i do get my own domain, i may just start selling from there too…why pay other people when u can do it urself, eh?
      i’ll have a look at godaddy as well…great stuff, tnks!

  3. gavomatic57 says:

    It’s worth considering in the longer term. I’m paying $20 per month for a virtual private server running Nginx and hosting four sites on it. As for your subscribers, WordPress support can migrate them for you:

    Being self-hosted requires a lot more “behind the scenes” work than a wordpress.com site, but I like being in control. The main problem is RAM use. Apache uses a lot of it and will trigger a server reboot with too many visitors. Nginx is better, but it usually requires your own VPS and that costs more than shared hosting.

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