Photography as simple as you can make it!

Forget your digicam, forget your classic 35mm camera, forget your rangefinder, forget your SLR, forget your medium format, and forget your large format cameras!

If you want to enjoy photography at it’s simplest and best, as it was supposed to have been enjoyed, then aside of pinhole cameras, this is the way to go…..use a box camera! Yep, like the one you saw in that vintage junk shop the other day, the one you looked at and thought “what’s that rubbish”!

Kodak Brownie Flash III box camera (designed for 620 film, but 120 film can be used very easily by modifying the 120 spool–see pic elsewhere in this article)

I’ve been playing around with box cameras for years, and it constant;y amazes me to see what fantastic results these very simple cameras can give.

Of course, it does depend on how good a film you are using, too, and also how good you are at composing your shots, but as they say, all that knowledge will not just fall in our laps until we actually try it out.

This may sound like an excuse not to get up off my butt and do some work, but believe me, that old phenomenon called Murphy’s Law has struck again, as it always does, whenever you plan something. I wanted to dig out my shots taken with box cameras and scan and post them on here for you all to see, but I must have stored them in such a great place, that I can’t find them!

These cameras were designed to use now obsolete 620 film, but 120 roll film which is freely available can be used as well–all you need to do is cut or snip the outer edges of the 120 film spool with a pair of stout scissors or nail clippers, and you’re ready to go (see pic below)….oh, hey…you know what…that rhymes…”you’re ready to go, see pic below”…..yay….I’m a poet at last!


how to modify 120 roll film for use in a 620 camera

Never mind, here are a few I found on the net, just to show you “there’s life in them there box cameras”!

And as we are always saying here….it’s not the camera you use….it’s how you use it…for crying out loud!

taken with a Brownie Flash III box camera

taken with same camera as above
(photo courtesy same site as above)

all photos courtesy unless otherwise stated



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