Yes, you heard right…a blind photographer.

Isn’t it nice to see life flitting before our eyes? Every single second of every day brings new things to light, things which possibly will not occur ever again.

In fact, everything we see cannot be exactly the same, if it takes place another tiem. Why? Well, simply because of time! It cannot be the same, as it cannot physically occur at the same time as when it occurred the last time. Are you with me?

So, bearing that in mind, all we see and all that happens in our lives….is a one-off! How deep is that, eh? Now, when we look at it this way, now we realise what mankind has been saying since time imemorial….that is, you are only born once, or value everything you see in your life, for it won’t come round again!

Isn’t it nice to see that? Now what would we do if we had no eyes, or couldn’t see? What could we see of the world then? It would be a disaster, wouldn’t it? We would be missing everything we see, all those colours, shades, textures, beauty….

What wold you say if I told you there is a guy who is a photographer and is blind? Impossible? Read on….

The guy is Evgen Bavcar.

Born in a town near Venice, Evgen became blind at the age of 12 due to an accident. Soon after, he thought of photographing his girlfriend, even though he couldn’t see her. “… (I had a) rare pleasure of having robbed and fixed on film something that did not belong to me..”, he says.

Having completed his studies, he decided to move to Paris, and that is where, in 1988, he was named as Official Photographer of the city. Since then, his work has been shown the world over.

But what motivates him to shoot stuff he cannot see? “…My task is the reunion of the visible and the invisible worlds, photography allows me to pervert the established method of perception amongst those who see and those who don’t…” says Evgen.

Evgen is not the only blind photographer; there are a few others as well. But the point is what drives people like him to shoot something he cannot see? unless of course, blind people have some kind of 6th sense, perhaps an extension of the senses we already have, that allows them, not to see, but to “experience” what we see by looking at the same object. Not long ago, I read somewhere of blind people being able to thread a needle… “seeing through their cheeks…” Is it possible taht they are not “seeing” per se, but maybe “perceiving” the needle and thread via their cheeks somehow?

Looking at Evgen’s shots, most of them seem to be centered around darkness. Is it possible that blind people need a sharp dilineation between light and dark to be able to shoot it? Who knows.

What is for sure….this man has achieved what normal sighted people would have a hard time achieving!




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