A strange thing happened in India…

white suit

During one of my trips to Rajasthan in India just 2 years ago, a strange thing happened.

I was with a friend, and we had gone to a huge marketplace, not to buy anything in particular, but to see the sights.

We were just standing in front of a tiny little shop that sold traditional copper oil lamps, the kind we use in the garden in the summer sometimes.

I caught the eye of the shopkeeper looking behind us, so we both looked back as well. to see a guy, dressed completely in a white suit, a with a western cut (white jacket, trousers, waistcoat, white tie, white shoes, white hat).

That looked a little unusual bearing in mind the surroundings we were in, but we decided not to stare too much! The next thing, he asked us in perfect english, if we could spare fifty rupees (about a $1).

I was rather angry about this, as during my travels I have become accustomed to people asking for money, etc. But my friend thought differently. She said that there was something about this guy that was different. So she took out a fifty rupee bill and handed it to him.

But what happened next surprised both of us. He looked at the money, then looked at us and said “Do you think I’m a beggar, hmm?”, waved the money aside and walked away.

We both turned our attention back to the shop and it’s wares, but I looked back just a split second later to see where the guy had gone…and he was nowhere to be seen…disappeared with trace!

Where could he have gone, I thought, as there was nothing but dry, open ground behind us!

To this day, I still think about that incident, and incident to which I have no answer….




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4 Responses to A strange thing happened in India…

  1. Doris says:

    I am use to people asking for money, but why did he ask and then do that, weird

    • hi doris.
      i dont know why he did that either! i felt as if he was testing us out….and his clothing is what sticks in my mind the most….in such a dusty place, sand, dry dust flying everywhere, and yet this guy comes up with a spotless suit….it doesnt make sense.
      but then, india is a mysterious place….nothing seems to be what it looks like…!

  2. reocochran says:

    Hey, if you were being a philosopher, there was a message in that request and your response. You might have shown a look of disdain or disgust. Hopefully, not really much affect on your face since you know I believe in “karma!” What if the man was really a test? Hmmm…I am sure some Christians would ask their favorite question,” What would Christ have us do?” The all white is also kind of a “flag” or “sign!” Oh well, it makes me think of the funny man, George Burns, when he played in those “Oh, God!” movies. Also, I forget which movie Morgan Freeman plays God. You told a great story that got me thinking and also, wondering. My Dad’s favorite saying applies again, “How big is your God?” Maybe he encompasses this situation, maybe not. Take care and relax, I think if there were repercussions to your action the Big Guy would have handled them by now! HAHAHA!

    • hi!
      whatever it was…our conscience is clear…at least we offered him something…so where karma is concerned as you mention..perhaps we get an extra tick in that old book they keep in heaven…or wherever!

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