Everybody seems to be interested in mysteries…

Yesterday I posted a short article about a mysterious thing that happened whilst I was in India a while ago.

Seems like a lot of readers liked the article and want to hear more such stories!

Well…you know how it is…things like these get you thinking, wondering what life is all about..you mull on things for a while, then put it all aside in some forgotten part of our minds…and try and get on with our lives. So digging things like this up is really difficult, as many of them are long forgotten.

However, I have had a nutty habit of writing things down ever since I was a kid. I remember when I was around 9 or 10 years old, asking my dad to buy me the smallest notebooks he could get, so he got me a tiny little diary, which had a small pencil inside it as well. I called that my “Wanting Book”, and thereafter whenever I wanted anything but couldn’t afford it at the time, I used to list it inside that book, hoping that one day we would have the money to buy whatever it was! To this day, I haven’t been able to find that little book. It would be great to read what a child most wants at that age.

Anyway, back to the present. Many odd (or not so odd) things that I’ve experienced are written down hurriedly in a set of my journals-cum-notebooks-cum diaries. Some people like to compartmentalize what they write into travel journals, dream journals, gratitude diaries, etc, which is no bad thing.

But myself, I like to be free and easy. After all, writing should be a pleasure, an escape valve, like a desert island, away from all the hub-bub of everyday life. It shouldn’t be a task, like all the other 1001 tasks we have day in, day out.

So my journals, diaries, notebooks, call them what you will, are not titled at all. Neither do I set myself a rigid timetable that I have to stick to; if I did that, it would defeat the object of writing as a pastime, a pleasure. However, this lackadaisical attitude can sometimes be your downfall, particularly if you need to access anything you wrote down.

Now you can begin to see how awkward it is to try to trace something that I entered into my notebooks! Anyhow, I’m in the habit also of re-reading my old journals during any spare time I had, so I will inevitably come across many things worth writing about here.

So please do drop in regularly; aside of photography talk, I do tend to write things of interest to a wide audience; sometimes I rant and rave, sometimes I just write about what puzzles me. All of the time, I try to make it interesting.



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