Film is still strong…

So said a colleague of mine, who, as it happens, is syndicated to a very well-known photo agency (I won’t mention their name here…they are worth millions and if they want even more publicity, well, they’re gonna have to pay me for it!).

Yes, yes, I know…this old argument about which is best is, not going to end, as long as I’ve got a….ahem, as long as the sun shines! It’s a bit like 2 guys, one of them owns a Rolls Royce and the other one owns a Lincoln Town car….both very luxurious cars, both very good, both get you from A to B, but each one has a beauty in the owner’s opinion that the other one doesn’t!

I’ll be the first to put up my arms and admit I use both mediums, both are very good, but with me, film is a way of life. If you read my “About” page, you will see that I grew up on film, and you know, when you’re a teeny-weeny little bairn (child!) and you keep seeing something that you really liked, it kinda burns it into your mind, into your psyche, to flower in your later years.

For me to give up on film would be like hacking my right arm off….well, not as bad as that, but you get my drift.

Getting back to what we were talking about, there may well be a huge number of readers who know nothing else aside of digital, having been born this side of the technological revolution we are all living in. That’s not a bad thing at all. Tell these younger readers about loading a film, composing, shooting, then waiting maybe a week for your results, and they’ll look at you as if you were a Klingon or something.

But let’s look at the facts. Yes, digital is booming. A new digicam comes out every few months. Sensors for these cameras are infinitely better than when digital first came out. And digital cameras are getting cheaper as well, bringing ownership to almost everybody in the High Street ( a friend of mine here in Vancouver who runs a photo studio, more as a hobby rather than to make serious money, told me that these days, whoever owns a digital camera, is now a photographer…..and taht’s most everyone!).

But film is still available from all the major companies, whether they be in financial turmoil or not (Kodak is a case in point). Brand new film cameras can still be bought from companies like Rolleiflex.

Then there’s the quality of films these days. Remember, that the film now available is light years away in performance compared to the film way back in the heydays of the 50s, 60s and 70s. take the case of Kodak Ektar 100, or Portra 400, both of which produce results far ahead of any digital product presently on the market.

Then there is film from Fuji, like their Velvia, Provia and the huge range of films from that other film powerhouse, Ilford.

So you see, my argument is that yes, both  film and digital can, do and will co-exist till the end of time (or at least until one or both of them are superseded by god-knows what).


About filmcamera999

ME & MY PASSION! ok, you probably looked at the length of this "about me" page and thought, god, what's wrong with this guy!....does he have to start telling us his life story or something!!? well, youve come here now anyways, so why not hear what im like as a person, eh? ive been using film cameras for well over 30 first one being the family yashicamat twin lens! over the years, ive both bought sold and collected film cameras...too many to tell the truth! in fact, ive been buying and selling cameras well before the internet came on the scene, so anything you purchase from me is backed by my self-styled moneyback promise.....if you dont like what youve bought, send it back within 14 days and you get all your money arguments!! WHERE I STAND ON THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION! yes, i do use digital as well, but only as a ready-reckoner...i try and take most shots with my simple 2megapixel digicam....if the shot looks good, i pull out my film camera and shoot! i most defintely do not believe in digital manipulation of photographs....that in my eyes is not photography...its cheating! WHERE I USED TO LIVE, WHERE I AM NOW & WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO! i used to live in Ontario, Canada, but moved back to the UK a little while ago (its a long story..!)...but now i'm living in the one place i always wanted to be...Vancouver, BC..the next best thing to paradise on earth! as i work as a freelance writer as well as other things, i often find hat my work takes me to europe for short spells, so i get to travel a lot...not a blessing, as i just hate long flights! im a qualified Quality Assurance guy (you know...ISO 9000, auditing, documentation etc) ....99% of my skill-set is transferable so i can handle any admin or documentation-related roles....see you in BC! otherwise, i specialise in ISO 9000 auditing and documentation. my dream? to have my own thriving camera shop in Vancouver BC, whilst living in the mountains somewhere.....the best of both worlds!
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