Oh my god…..grain!

I heard this in a coffee shop the other day, down by Howe/W Pender St in downtown Vancouver.

The guy said “I’d really love to use film…jeepers, man…I got so many film cameras at my place, you know…but what kills film..is all that damn grain you get…my digital cameras don’t give any grain, that’s why I love ’em..”

I had to look at him for a while, look at him for a good few minutes, have a think about it, then go onto another subject. I mean, grain is one of the unbeatable consequences of using film..it gives shots an air, an aura, a grace that’s missing with digital.

Sure, you can MAKE a digital shot look grainy by tampering with it afterwards, but that’s not photography in my books.

I’ve been around professional photographers for a long, long time…sometimes I joke that I was using film cameras and chemicals when many of the guys now who may be famous photographers (and good luck to them as well) weren’t even born…maybe they weren’t even a glint in their father’s eyes!

And they (the photographers) wouldn’t dream of not using or showing grain to the best effect in their work.

Grain?!!Pah…who needs it…………..;)



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2 Responses to Oh my god…..grain!

  1. reocochran says:

    He sounds a little immature in his photography skills! The way he uses the word, “Grain” is kind of strange. I do think some things show grain or there can be a grainy appearance if you are trying to zoom too far away, even with a digital camera… I am not a great photographer but feel a little sad about this young man. What made you not tell him a few choice words? Restraint? I love the details and skin with its “real” feel to it in the man’s rugged face. You explained why you need to have grain at times! Thanks!

    • hi, robin!
      tnks for dropping in and your comments.
      i get weary of trying to convince people about things…whatever they are…i guess ive found out that life’s too short…thats why i just pause a little when faced with controversy….then move on!
      as rgds grain, as you quite rightly say, in some cases it is a necessity!
      howre you getting on?

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