Ok..time for a rant!

Religion, politics, war….I make it a point never to comment or get involved in them.

But today, we hear of a cold blooded murder of an innocent person in England.

He was apparently hacked to death with knives and meat cleavers, in broad daylight, by two men.

Judging by the news, it was done in the name of a religion…I will not go as far as saying which religion, for fear of giving it undue publicity, as this blog is fortunate in drawing large numbers of readers, whom I would not want to alienate either.

An abhorrent crime. Senseless in the extreme.

I have only a few comments to make.

If they feel so strongly against things, why not go to those places where these things are actually happening and do whatever they want there?

And what faith is it, that proclaims anybody who doesn’t profess a belief in it, a scoundrel, an unbeliever, to be put to death?

Faith is supposed to give peace, solace, love, kindness, warmth….




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4 Responses to Ok..time for a rant!

  1. MartyW47 says:

    Some people will use any excuse to commit an act of violence be it religion, politics, race, or a cool new pair of shoes. In the end it’s all senseless.

  2. reocochran says:

    My brother who is an artist says there are a lot of crimes through the ages, in the name of God or other supreme beings. Even missionaries…. But we are definitely in agreement, these people were not following the true teachings of ANY religion! It was a horrible crime and if there is a Devil, he instigated it!

    • robin…in my mind, there is no devil…when a human being acts like an animal..nay, worse than an animal..THAT is the devil….the devil i believe is not real…it is a creation by the religions to frighten people into believing in them…so whats the answer? just be a good person, period!
      tnks for dropping in, robin!

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