How to shoot photos in low light…a difficult subject, made easy….!

Ask to see any photographer’s work and more than likely, he/she will show you excellent, pin-sharp results, beautiful contrast and colours.

Very, very rarely, you may see some shots taken by a guy who has gone against the grain as they say, and the risks be damned, trying his luck with shots in very low light, maybe even pitch black if you’re really lucky.

There’s no doubt about it, shooting in low light is a very tricky subject. One guy told me it’s easier to push an elephant into your house through the front door, than trying to take photos in the dark!

That may be so, but in my mind, nothing is impossible…it CAN be done…I can prove it, as I’ve done it myself.

We’ll deal with a digital camera first, seeing as so many people now use digital….with film, the game is much, much simpler….use a high ISO film, use the lowest aperture on your camera, set to the lowest shutter speed you can get away with, ie around 1/24s or less if you have a tripod.

Without further ado, here then are the rules you need to follow:

1 select a high ISO setting

2 select aperture priority..this puts you in charge of the controls

3 select the largest aperture possible, ie f2, f1.8, f3.5 etc

4 select the slowest possible shutter speed (see above)

5 if using flash, point it upwards and away from the subject

That in essence is basically it….the rest is trial and error…do not be afraid to fail…as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Some of the most dramatic shots are to be had in low light situations, so go right ahead and make a name for yourselves!


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