Dog owners…this will break your heart…

Recently, I came across this post, about a dog that has been seen wandering around, seemingly lost, on the and around the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.

As a dog owner myself, this post caught my eye…and very soon ripped my heart to pieces! How could anyone be so callous as to do such a thing? I cannot imagine any harm coming to my dog Shera here….he is my constant companion:

I don’t know the story behind this case, but if the dog really did belong to somebody, surely he/she, if they were devoted animal lovers, would have alerted someone, moved heaven and earth to get a hold of their treasured pet?

On the other hand, as is more likely, if the dog has simply been taken up there by it’s callous owner, only to be dumped there, well…..well, in that case, nothing can be done to bring the owner to justice. Nobody will know who it is, so the secret is safe with the owner.

But what about the animal? What is going through it’s mind, as it aimlessly wanders about, surviving on bits of food left it by visitors to the mountain?

Your thoughts please on this one….



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10 Responses to Dog owners…this will break your heart…

  1. Fresh Ginger says:

    Oh. So sad. It would break my heart to abandon an animal. I have wondered what they think when they go to shelters or are given away. Poor dog.

    • hi and thanks so much for dropping in, ma’am!
      to tell the truth, when we first got our dog, he was only a wee thing, only 6 weeks old….i did get very angry at agreeing to have him, just to keep the kids happy!
      and of course, even though they all said they’d take care of him, i ended up doing it all…cleaning him, feeding him, walking him, virtually everything…slowly i accepted it all, altho i still insist he’s their dog not mine, and that they take him for a walk on a rota basis….!
      BUT…he’s now part of the family, and no way on earth would we ever get rid of him…least of all, on a mountain top, oh no….i’d rather jump off the mountain myself than do that to him….

  2. I know and I’ve given up trying to figure out what kind of brains do things like that. Our precious ruler of the house was rescued from the streets because someone abandoned her and her sisters (all adopted now).

    • yes, marina….i am too shocked to hear that story about the dog at mt. fuji….and yet there are people in the photos just 10 feet away…but still they do nothing to help the creature…
      when i was a student in the UK, me and my friends used to take walks along a canal nearby during breaks from lectures…we once met a man fishing in the canal and we just said hello and got talking to him about fish etc..he told us he sometimes accidentally gets his fishing line caught in the water…and one time when he pulled it out, he dragged out the corpse of a small dog, with 2 bricks tied around his neck…obviously somebody did it deliberately….you talk about brains….i say they have no brains at all….worse than the lowest amoeba found in pond water…

      • …poor amoeba has no good or evil in mind. Evil thoughts are purely a ‘human’ feature, And we talk of ‘humanity’! There are so many ugly and sick stories of that particular type of ‘humanatarians’ that it makes me think that we are truly a lost cause..

      • ..i think we think alike…if you see what i mean…for so many years….i have thought about these things…why does the human being get away with such cruelty, such mindless acts….and the religious will say “oh, yes, but they will have to pay..”
        but pay when? when its too late? and pay where? and to whom? nobody knows if it will happen or not happen…the payback i mean….and in the meantime, someone, and animal, another person, has lost his/her life…what about that? who is going to pay back, who is going to give back that life…? i empathise with you 101% when you say we are a lost cause….

  3. Your dog Shera is beautiful 🙂

    • ..thank you, ma’am! yes, and he is a part of our family now….heaven only knows what we will do when he goes…we try not to think of that…as somebody once said…dogs come with a built-in grief factor…you just about give them a home in your heart..and then they leave you….

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