One of the most unusual photographers I’ve ever heard of….

There are photographers and photographers….some take a few shots every other day, some only take out their camera on special occasions whereas some take shots of everything and anything, hoping for that jewel in the mud-slicks.

Recently, my friends and I were gathered at our favorite hiding-hole, the Smile diner in downtown VanCity. As usual, we got yapping about various things…. life, money, cars, cameras, gadgets, ladies, high heels, RED high heels…ahem…and other such allied things!

Amongst the topics someone came up with the name Arthur Fields…a guy who hailed from Ireland.

Arthur Fields (left and middle shots)

Arthur loved photography, just like you and me and everybody else, but aside of loving it, he also made his living out of it…in a very unique way.

This man stood on the same bridge in Dublin, day in, day out….not for 1 month, not for 2 months, not even for 6 months….he stood on that bridge for 50 years non-stop, 365 days a year, taking shots of people walking by. A herculean effort, in anybody’s books.

Arthur’s technique was to photograph absolutely everybody and anybody, giving those interested a card with a unique number on it, which they could take to a studio down the street and purchase that photo some time later.

Initially he used film cameras (from the photos, it looks like he used a Contax rangefinder), but later when Polaroid came on the scene, he adopted that, together with a new selling catchphrase “Give it to you now!”.

Arthur was the son of a Ukranian refugee, and his real name was Arthur Feldman, which he changed as soon as arrived in Ireland.

His sons estimated that he took more than 180,000 shots in his life, and those shots must be in the hands of thousands and thousands of people, possibly in Ireland or even all over the world, wherever they may have moved to.

Whatever, I have never, ever come across a guy as determined and forthright as Arthur. I certainly could never hope to emulate him, and I’m pretty sure nobody else could either these days!












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10 Responses to One of the most unusual photographers I’ve ever heard of….

  1. Wow! 50 years!!!!! Quite a character!
    Happy weekend! 🙂

    • kalimera, marina!
      yes, indeed…50 years non-stop….takes some beating, doesn’t it!

      • Oh, yes!
        Good morning and happy September 1st! 🙂

      • gosh… it september already! wow…time flies!
        i recall when i was a kid…the long school holidays we used to have in england in the summer…only 6 or 7 weeks in total…never seemed to end…we used wonder what we’d do in all that time!
        now of course…time just seems to fly past….somebody once told me the reason…he said its because as we grow older, our remaining time gets less and less, but we still have so much to do, so the body/mind tries to cram everything in before we all leave this planet….and thats why time seems short…i dont know….whaddu say, marina?

      • I don’t know… maybe it’s simply the fact that as we grow older we add more and more load without discrimination. Luggage full of important stuff mixed with garbage with one thing in common: all need time! Also we get “carried away” with “making a living” while forgetting to actually LIVE! Time wasted, time which -as you say- we have less and less as we get older, yet we fill with more and more garbage.
        I also remember those long holidays, but I also remember I hated it as school days were nearer. Never liked school! For me, September is the last chance of going on a short quiet vacation [hope we will!]. 🙂

      • yep! i agree…the approach of september used to be the most dreaded time for us kids! especially those silly “Back to school” signs in all the shops…i really hated that!
        i guess we were all the same…i hated school because i was always the quiet one…i never mixed very much with the others…when they were playing in the playground, i used to be sitting with a book on the side, reading…hehe! call me an anti-social bookworm…but hey..Έτσι είναι η ζωή!…thats life!

      • I see you too belong to the wonderful world of introverts!!! 🙂 That’s life indeed!

      • yes, marina…i guess i was an introvert then…but you know what? i learnt one thing….the guy who keeps quiet gets nothing…the ones who make the most noise end with everything! but, as we said before i think…im happy as i am…if nobody likes me this way…thats their problem, yes?

      • E X A C T L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        😛 at them!

      • 😉 have a peaceful, weekend!


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