Let’s bring a little Mediterranean air into our lives….

Yes…it’s me and my silly nostalgic and sentimental thoughts coming through yet again today….!

Well, as Marina was telling me today….it’s how we are made..different in every way….each with his/her own likes, dislikes, dreams, aspirations…that’s the wonder of the Universe that created us all…

So anyway, I’d like to take you to the little island of Crete, where my wife and I stayed way back in 1995….so long ago and yet still so fresh in our minds.

There, I was instantly at home….soon as we got out of the airport at Heraklion, looking for a taxi to take us to our self-catering villa in a town called Ammoudara, a smile I thought I’d lost forever living in the UK, returned!

The taxi driver who decided to drive us to our place, spoke little English….I spoke more Greek than he could English….that was really funny. But my Greek was only the stuff of guidebooks…how much is this, how much is that, where is XXX, i am ill, etc etc, so we did have a lot fun trying to make each other understood.

The villa was situated overlooking the sea….the color of which you could just not imagine….I see the ocean most days here in BC, but those colors I’m talking about can only be found in Greece, nowhere else.

It was as if a new, unused channel had opened up in our brains….one that had never been used before…and I can imagine now how a blind person would feel if suddenly he/she regained their sight somehow….that’s how we felt looking at these new colors, fantastic contrast, piercing sunlight…

The icing on the cake was at night…the owner of the villa lived next door, and he used to sit outside and play his bouzouki late into the next morning….so soothing that a lullaby better than that cannot be found anywhere!

That’s how my love for Greek music develped…hell, before leaving, I even bought a bouzouki, but sadly, as you probably guessed, it’s still stands hanging on my wall, a reminder of those halcyon days we had in Crete.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I thought my readers would like to maybe listen to some Greek music that I’m fond of……enjoy!



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8 Responses to Let’s bring a little Mediterranean air into our lives….

  1. MartyW47 says:

    Great Bouzouki Music! Must have been a great trip, looks like you forgot to take pictures… πŸ˜‰

    • haha…marty..i did take some shots…especially of the place at Knossos…where the minataur is supposed to have lived…but that was so many yrs ago…i dont know where the damn photos are….!

  2. Ah, Jak!
    Even though I come from Crete, I have visited only once in my life for a business day trip!
    I do know what you’re talking about though. What you describe is in the air everywhere in this country, even in the busy city and even in dark times like these.

    • wow! i didnt know you were from crete, marina!
      as you say, that place has some magic…some kind of je ne sais quoi about it…we immediately felt at home there..in our element, so to speak….and the little old ladies, all dressed in balck, walking along dusty roads alongside donkeys loaded with hay or whatever…they always stopped us to say hello…plus some other stuff i never understood..at that time, i had a bushy beard…a leftover from my hippy days…and these women would ask me if i was a priest or something…making the sign of the cross and saying “Christos? Christos?”…!!
      we even thought of moving there permanently…pipe dreams as usual…maybe in another lifetime….creta….my heart is in creta!

      • It does have that effect on people! One popular example is Ross Daly, a brilliant musician who plays the lyra [cretan] Funniest thing of all is listening to him speak Greek. He speaks in PERFECT Cretan dialect! πŸ™‚
        Never too late you know… maybe you will one day!

      • well….i dont know…with me, im a bit of a dreamer, i guess…i fall in love with silly things…rivers, mountains, the crisp air, melancholy songs…many a time…and writing, whether its writing novels or crappy techno documents like mine..is a lonesome affair…you have to do it on your own…rather like your music or paintings i suppose…and when im writing, i usually have music on..more than likely, sad, cry-baby songs…and many is the time i can bee seen with tears in my eyes…typing away…after hearing some song that has just pulled my heart-strings…my wife sometimes asks me whether im really writing a technical document or a love letter to someone she doesnt know about…hehe!
        talking of cretan dialect, i was there for about a month…and in that time, god knows how…i picked up so much of the dialect…that when i came back to england and tried it on my greek friends…they just looked at me dumb-founded….one of them even said if i were to stand behind a door and say something in greek, they couldnt tell if it was me or a real cretan greek person….but, hey…that was years ago….ive forgotten it all, except for a few words…!

      • …silly things?!!!!
        These are life!!!!!
        Melancholy sad songs are something aren’t they?!
        About accents… during my studies in London, my enlgish was being colored depending on people I hang around with. I’ll mention 2: a Scottish coworker at the Gate Cinema (Notting Hill Gate) I picked up this heavy accent, and the second was when I was doing a project for homeless people living in cardboard city (I don’t think it exists any longer).
        I used to go under the bridge at nights and talk to them. My friends were telling me I sounded like a cockney!

      • hehe!
        yes, its funny how easy it is to pick up languages, isnt it?
        anyway, i do recall that many of the people i met in crete at that time were really happy to see a stranger speaking a bit of their language…the barriers came crashing down!

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