We need people like this TODAY…..but

Before we start talking about this very special person, I want you to click on the video below and listen to what he had to say….sure, you’ve heard it many times before, but every time you listen to it, a weird feeling of overwhelming peace and tranquillity settles all around you…well, it works like that for me!

Here we go….

Yes…it’s John Lennon.

Since he died, the world has gone through horrendous times, I won’t mention them all here but you have seen and heard all about it in the news.

John had nothing but peace in mind…for the whole world, not just the West. His words paint a picture of a world we, and possibly our children’s children even, may not ever see. Not going by the way our leaders are behaving.

In his case, his life was sadly taken away by the very violence, hatred, what-have-you that he was singing about in this song.

But what of his death through that shooting? It is said that John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were the subject of round the clock surveillance by British and American governments, as soon as it had been established that both John and wife were peace activists.

Soon after Brian Epstein’s suicide (itself hotly debated even now), the Beatles, of whom John was part, were actively looking around for so-called “safe havens” from MI5, the British intelligence agency….Paul McCartney ended up in Scotland, while John moved first to Amsterdam, Canada and finally to the USA.

His entry into the USA marked increased surveillance by both MI5 and the FBI. This was documented in the book by Jon Weiner, Professor of History at the University of California, to whom the FBI had released files showing co-operation between the FBI and it’s British counterparts.

As John Lennon said himself to journalists at the time, “I’d open the door. There’d be guys on the other side of the street. I’d get into my car, and they’d be following me in a car. Not hiding. They wanted me to see that I was being followed.” He went on further to say, “We knew we were being wire-tapped. There was a helluva lot of guys coming in to fix the phones.”

Photographs taken during those days showed a worried John and Yoko, looking almost paranoid in their fear and anger that the then US President, Richard Nixon, was not allowing them entry into the USA. John and Yoko had both planned to be at the Woodstock Peace and Music Festival, but for Nixon and possibly his government at that time, Woodstock had already given them enough headaches without John Lennon adding his peace vibes to the whole shebang.

Sometime after the fatal shooting that killed John Lennon, the FBI admitted to co-operating with a “foreign government” as part of their battle to deny public access to the John Lennon FBI files.

The reason cited for the denial was  on the grounds of “Diplomatic, Economic, and Military Retaliation against the United States”, obviously pointing to the severity of Lennon’s indiscretion and the absolute fear on behalf of the US government to interfere with the possibility of another British “revenge” mission.

Sadly for John Lennon, if the efforts of MI5/ MI6 was to retaliate on December 8, 1980, their actions were indefensible. The admission of the FBI to cooperation with a “foreign government” as part of their battle to deny public access to the John Lennon FBI  files created greater suspicion of Britain’s Foreign Office in the entire affair.

And here’s the thing…..what if John hadn’t died…..could it be construed that due to his overwhelming following not only on both sides of the Atlantic, but also as far as China, S America and even Russia…..could history have been rewritten? Could it have stopped the Iran-Iraq war, could it have prevented the invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Afghanistan and now….possible action against Syria?

It’s a long conjecture, the answer to which nobody knows.

Whatever way we look at it, and whoever killed John Lennon or in whatever manner and means, not only have we lost a great man, whose only major fault was to ask for peace in a peace-less world, but we have also lost a great musician.



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  1. alfabetaim says:

    I beg to differ. For me, Lennon was a hypocrite. “Imagine no possessions”. Well yes, John, try to imagine NOT owning a Mercedes-Benz 600, a Rolls-Royce Phantom V, a Ferrari 330GT… The “Working Class Hero” was a case of “do as I say, don’t do as I do”.

    Of course his death was a tragedy – Lennon’s naive, idealistic world-view might have changed since 1980. I wonder how he’d have reacted to the fall of communism. “Imagine no possessions” was all well and good if you were a rich Brit or American, but the hundreds of millions of people behind the Iron Curtain didn’t need to imagine no possessions – they’d been taken away by a system similar to that which Lennon was offering humanity in this song!

    McCartney was no better. “Let it be/Let it be/Let it be/Let it be/Famine, war, destruction, disease and poverty”. Sit on your backside, do nothing, and it will all be OK. Somehow.

    Beatles? Gimme James Brown.

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