Oh no! The quintessential 60’s icon will soon be no more…


Remember that little article I posted here about one of my dreams….to own a VW Camper Bus?

Well, here’s some slightly sad news about that….

The company that made these superb things in Brazil, is to halt production this year. VW have decided that it would not be able to meet new laws being imposed, that decree all new vehicles must have airbags and anti-lock brakes fitted as standard, from 2014.

It is said that well over 10 million VW vans were made throughout the world in the 60 or so years it has been in production….their popularity obviously stems from that famous retro look and basic design.

No doubt the VW bus’ cult status emanated from the 60’s flower-power years, when owning one was the cool thing to do…it has always had a magic and charm and always brings smiles to people’s faces when they see one on the road.

Despite it’s looks, it has always had a tendency to break down now and then, but, as it’s followers say, this only reinforces it’s charm…the motor is easily fixed.

Indeed, it was this van that made an appearance on records made by Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Grateful Dead and others who followed these rock groups across the USA, using the vans as rolling homes.

The VW vans were there at Woodstock 69 in great numbers, covered with flowers and psychedelic murals.

And the VW van also has its name firmly entrenched in the history of the modern computer we all use…..it’s said that Steve Jobs sold his VW in order to raise enough cash so that he could buy the circuit boards and other bits and pieces for his first prototype computer!

Then there is a very strong VW following in California, where it is still to be seen heading to the beaches, surf-boards mounted atop.

Production of the van was halted in Germany in 1979, because it no longer met European safety requirements, meaning its future was dependent on operations in South America, where it continued to be made.

In Brazil, the van does not have the same romantic appeal as in N America and the rest of the world. Here, it’s viewed as workhorse and is used as a minibus ferrying children to and from schools, by the postal services and the army, as well as a hearse by funeral directors.

It’s always been called  the “combi” van, after the German word   “Kombinationsfahrzeug” that loosely translates as “cargo-passenger van.”

However, there is one source that can still supply brand new VW vans….yes, you read that right…brand new, fitted out to your exact specifications, whether it be left-hand or right-hand drive, LPG conversion, power steering, to surround sound tv/dvd combos.  I don’t know how many are available, or how long it’s gonna last, but if you have the cash, think seriously about investing in one of these….their prices can only go up in time. Anybody interested in owning one, please drop me a line here for more details >>

harsum888 at yahoo dot com

That said, there will always be plenty of used ones available, at least for as long as I’m alive, so…..the dream lives on…..



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