Digital manipulation gone mad…the camera CAN lie!



Take a look at the 2 photos above…

On the right, is the digitally manipulated version of the lady on the left!

Ok, I admit that the one on the right looks very much better than the untouched version, but heck, man….there’s manipulation and there’s manipulation….this example, and there are countless others adorning the hundreds of glossy fashion magazines throughout the world, takes it to the limit….in fact way over the limit.

I know that before digital techniques, photographers used darkroom tricks to spice up some of their shots….that was nothing more than exposing the print to a little more light in some parts, and cutting the exposure to another part of the same shot….dodging and burning to give it it’s trade name. Together with using creative lighting, type of film and camera exposures, those prints were still a realistic impression of the real thing.

But with those techniques, it was nigh on impossible to create an entirely different person from the same shot, as is done nowadays, and as the photo above shows.

This very obviously begs the question…..if you are going to manipulate a shot so much, as in this case, that the end result looks nothing like the original, then why bother at all? Sure, nobody wants to advertise a high-class perfume with a photo of an ugly man or woman, but why not choose your models carefully in the first place, have a good make-up artist work their magic and then shoot the end result.

We all like looking at the glamorous shots of ladies and men in our glossy magazines, but are we looking at the real thing? Most of the time, I fear not!



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12 Responses to Digital manipulation gone mad…the camera CAN lie!

  1. I would not seek to disagree with you!
    But – there is a view that we all want to be someone else – so now we can! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah, the “real” thing is lost, I’m afraid. This technique has been used in moving images as well [movies – video clips etc]. I was very good at photoshoping / retouching / distorting etc which resulted in me getting commissioned by record labels to fix artists photos [as a side job from designing the album cover]. Job consisted of removing pimples, white hair, wrinkles, stains, moles, bad teeth, changing clothes… a very long list. That was 20 years ago! You can imagine how far technology has come since! The same thing happens with music. Functions like: quantize, tune [yes you can tune a voice or an instrument after it was recorded or if it’s a concert and especially when the performer is dancing, it’s done REAL TIME!] and one I really enjoy because of the name: “humanize”!!! Conclusion: we have entered a virtual world a long long time ago. Nothing good about that.

    • wow! i didnt know you even got involved with album cover design etc etc!
      ive sent you an email about that.
      regarding music, im afraid i dont know very much about it, but i well believe you as youve been in it for many yrs…
      as you quite rightly say, we entered into a virtual age many yrs ago…people like me will just have to keep quiet from now on…..!

  3. alfabetaim says:

    It’s not the camera lying – it’s the computer and the guy with the mouse and Adobe CS6 that’s lying like a politician!

    Can the camera lie? With film – using a red filter to take out skin blemishes when using b&w film. Can’t think of any other ways of manipulating the image in-camera… (can you?)

    With digital – cranking up contrast, overexposing, tweaking colour saturation and sharpness… Any other ways of manipulating the image in camera you can think of?

    But in the computer – the only frontier is your imagination!

  4. Derek says:

    My thought is a photograph is supposed to have a degree of truth.
    I don’t care how people like to edit their stuff, that’s there choice, I have no control. But I do care when one seem to confused between a photograph and a photo montage.

  5. Luddy's Lens says:

    Jeez. Stalin woulda loved modern “photography” — eliminate anything that doesn’t conform.

    Before long, fashion photogs won’t even bother with live models, they’ll just use rag dolls and mops and manipulate away!

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