A reader makes an apt comment about meddling with Nature!

Hot on the heels of my latest post about processing film with coffee, I received a very short but interesting comment from one of my readers here.

This reader goes under the name of Leonore Rodrigues (http://asalinguist.com/)   and the comment refers to the fact that only normal coffee will work for this process, not the decaff type.

The comment says:

“And this is just one more reason why decaf is just wrong, wrong, wrong. ;)

Even in the U.S. where photo chemicals are readily available, I’ve still been developing in Caffenol for a while. Can’t throw photo developers down into a private septic system…. but yes, the instant coffee and washing powder are the two core ingredients.”

Aside of referring to the actual process, to my mind, the reader is expressing a distaste of meddling  ( at least that’s what I assume..correct me if I’m wrong, Leonore!) with a product that although has been refined over the centuries by man, taking it further by cutting out the caffeine content etc etc is a step too far.

And that brings me on to another subject that’s been in the new for some time now, but possibly the average Joe on the street will not know about….the subject of the decimation of the world’s bees.

We all know that modern agricultural methods are mainly to blame, which have led to the spraying of chemicals on plants, possibly gene modifications of plant material to achieve better yields, etc etc.

Now, it is alleged that a group of scientists working with top pharma companies all over the world, have discovered that bees can learn to detect cancer cells within a matter of hours.

Let’s put the question without pussy-footing around….could it possibly be that the decline in bees has been, shall we say, artificially hastened due to the reason that they can discover cancer before it has had a chance to spread out of control? And could it be that the powerful industrials are afraid that if bees start pin-pointing the disease for us, then who will buy their ant-cancer concoctions? Could this be a distinct possibility…or pure speculation? Who knows…..I will leave you with the thought…


PS going back to my article about using coffee, I forgot to mention that you still have to use one chemical, the fixer, to complete the processing…there are people who claim to have tried common salt, sea water, even urine (yuck!) to fix their films…but pure speculation so far…at least this method kills the number of chemicals from 3 to 1…..


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