Nothing to do with cameras, but…..

The beauty of this blog, if I say so myself, is that it gives us a platform to voice our rants.

And that is exactly what I want to do today, after reading about a terrible thing taking place as we speak.

We’ve all heard of fancy bags, shoes etc made from snake skins. Well, by the time you finish reading this little post, I don’t think any sane person would by such an item, ever again.

In short, this is how the snakes are killed for their skins…correction, tortured would be a more apt term, as we will see…read on.

The first step is when the snake is stunned with a hard blow on the back of its head. However, there are no checks made to ascertain if the snake has indeed been stunned or not….many times, the snake is not stunned at all, but the evil process goes on regardless.

Then, a plastic hose is shoved down its throat, and the snake is filled with water by force, until the creature has ballooned. A leather cord is then tied around its neck so that the water does not leak out, and it is left like this for about 15 minutes.

After this, the snake’s head is impaled on a metal hook…notice that the head is not removed, but impaled…. and the now loosened skin is sliced off the snake…again, many times, the snake at this point is still alive.

Once the skin has been taken off, the snake body is thrown onto a pile of skinned snakes, where they continue convulsing in immeasurable pain or die from dehydration in the sun.

The process to make a handbag like this costs the producer just approx $30, but the bags end up being sold for around $4000 in designer stores.

Isn’t it time that someone somewhere brings the designer stores to the public notice to show the cruelty from which they are profiting?

By the way, I do have photos of the process, but I decline to show them here.


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2 Responses to Nothing to do with cameras, but…..

  1. While I have not argument with the general thrust of your post, I would suggest that once the head is taken off the writhing of the snake body is just muscle reflex.
    I own no snake skin – I would not seek to either.
    I don’t there would be any value in adding photos – the point would then be in danger of becoming sensationalist.

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