Why I never rely on digital or cellphone cameras!

Let’s face it, every Tom, Dick and Harry is now a photographer!

Technology has made a mockery of people who have spent their lives perfecting the art of photography, in whatever niche they find interest, whether it be street shooting, still life, glamour, landscape or what-have-you.

By that I mean everyone who carries a cellphone these days, will most probably have a reasonable camera built into the phone.

So when you dare to bring up the subject in conversation with friends these days about some nice shots you have taken, more than likely your friends will chime in with their own exploits with their cellphone cameras!

So it is that everyone now knows, or purports to know about photography. Funnily enough though, when you move onto talking about things like f stop numbers, perspective, shutter speeds, depth of field etc…then nobody says anything! The conversation comes to a halt! Why?

Because they just do not understand the complexities of those terms, in short! All they know is how to look at their lcd displays on their cellphones, and press the button that gives them a picture.

Anyway, I digress. Going back to the subject of this post, I made a fatal mistake recently of leaving my film camera (a trusted Olympus Trip), in the car, thinking that if a shot did present itself, I had the camera on my cellphone always available.

And, as they say, Sod’s Law dictates that if something can happen, it will happen at the most inopportune moment of all. So when I spotted a nice photo opportunity, out came my cellphone, as I tried to capture the moment.

I pressed the camera selector on the phone, hoping the camera would come into action, but the hell it did! As I depressed the camera selector, the display went blank…and defaulted after a while to the normal cellphone display again!

So, in short, I lost the photo opportunity!

Had I been using my film camera, simple as it is, it would have fired straight away without hesitation.

Moral of the story? Never rely on anything digital. Period.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter to you too!!!! 🙂

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