Nothing at all to do with photography, but interesting…

It’s a new year just started, so I thought I would post something that we all may find soothing to our troubled minds.

You may recall, and I think I did mention it on the blog at some time or other, that I spent a few years in India, learning ancient yoga and meditation from a wise old guy, or sadhu.

He explained to me about something that we all suffer from now and then….worry.

He said, every single human being on the planet, bar just a few handful of enlightened souls, are troubled by worry….money worries, health worries, sexual worries, status worries, emotional worries, worries about what has happened, worries about what may happen…even worries about worries.

And it is only the human mind that is worried, he said. Animals are not worried. Because animals do not possess such an intelligence. So in general, the higher your intelligence the more you worry.

Animals can be driven mad, not by themselves, but when they come under the control of humans….a dog permanently chained to a wall, a caged bird, a chicken who never sees daylight in it’s whole life…these will all be driven mad. Otherwise, animals do not go mad by themselves, as they do not worry.

And the world’s asylums and mental hospitals are chock full of people who have been driven mad, or become severly ill, the main cause being worry.

Every human has a limit to how much worry he can stand, just as everyone has a limit to how much weight he can lifet, before damaging himself.

When our worries reach such an extent that we breach our limits, society classes us as mad, or requiring mental help.

So what is the answer, I said?

Stop worrying, he said! Because something that will not happen, will not happen…and something that will happen, will happen.

Very cryptic answer, I must admit, but so logical if we think about it!

So the moral for 2016? Let’s not worry!

But how to be free of worry, I asked?

Be still, be quiet, he said.

But how, I asked? Everytime I try, my mind just doesn’t stop whirring.

Stop trying, he said. Just sit. Look at your thoughts as if you are observing them from a distance. Then, during any period ranging from a few seconds to a few hours, there will come a time when you will sense a few spaces, between your thoughts. A pause naturally ocurring within your mind, before another chain of thoughts begins.

That space, that pause is the magical thing that all humankind is searching for…no need to live in a cave or a mountain…it is all there inside you and always has been.

Once you start recognising those spaces, they will magically become longer and longer and longer…until such a time, when your thoughts will naturally decrease in length, whilst the spaces will increase.

Again, rather logical…and something I can profess has changed my life positively.






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  1. Elementary huh?!
    Here’s to longer spaces, my friend! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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