Good day, friends! I present the Pentax K1000!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no speaky! The Covid19 thing has certainly brought major changes to our lives and our behaviour, for sure!

Personally speaking, I have never been so paranoid in my life before. On the rare occasions when I have to venture out to the grocery store, I am forever looking behind my back to see how close the next person is to me….all stores in my country and probably yours too, have that safe 2m distance markers outside their stores as well as inside, to remind us all to keep our distance.

Of course, most people I’ve seen couldn’t care less about that and routinely will push past me, or get real close rather wait for the space to appear naturally after the other customer has moved on. It’s so annoying and frustrating, because in pointing it out to that person, you will probably cause an argument, something which I do not want with anyone, especially at this time.

The other day, I was witness to a fist fight at the lineup at my local supermarket, as 2 guys argued and fists started flying, as to who was first in the line!

Anyway, that’s something for another day! Let’s talk about something neutral and interesting to pass your lockdown moments!

I want to tell you about a camera, one of many, that I still love using.

Pentax K1000 Black Body | This is my custom painted K1000 wi… | Flickr

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It’s the Pentax K1000. Or to be more precise, the Asahi Pentax K1000. Available in chrome or plain black styles.

You will find it has nothing automatic. That’s right, nothing!

No autofocus, no autorewind, no automatic shutter selection, no self timer, no auto exposure, no mirror lock, no on/off switch, no interchangeable viewfinder screens.

So what kind of a crap camera is that then, many may say!

Pentax K1000 Japan Asahi Con Lente Smc 50mm F2 - $ 19.500,00 en ...

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Well, shall I say something here?

As your friend holding his/her digicam stands there trying to work out why their camera costing $$$$$ refuses to take any shots, either because the battery is low, or the mini-brain inside it tells it one or more sensors are not giving the correct information, your Pentax is shooting away merrily.


The Pentax has virtually nothing to go wrong. No complicated electronic “brains”, no chips inside that can short circuit. Ok, the only thing it does have is a little, easily obtainable cell battery for the meter. But even if that battery is not there, the camera will still take photos!

The shutter is silky smooth, something even the Leica cannot manage.

To take a shot, just focus till the image is sharp in the viewfinder, and click. That’s it.

As long as your film is wound on to the next frame, the Pentax will take your photo every single time. NO annoying shutter lag, no delays while the computer like in other cameras works out the correct exposure etc.

So I will not bore you with technical details. You can read a plethora of that on the web.

Suffice it to say, anybody who has used, or still uses, this Pentax, will tell you a 1000 reasons why they keep using it, day in, day out, year in, year out.

Ok, so the Pentax isn’t a so-called professional-level camera, but just compare the shots you take with it, to those taken with any high priced SLR and I can say, with hand on heart, you will be hard pushed to tell the difference.

One final thing. Be sure to buy an Asahi Pentax. There are other models made in Hong Kong and China which do not have the Asahi name on the front. These models are ok, but not as good as the Asahi version, due to a large amount of plastic having been introduced into the camera to save on costs.

I normally have several of these in excellent working condition for sale normally, but at this time, I am afraid I am sorry I don’t have spare ones available. I only have 2, and both have enormous sentimental value for me personally, and I will scream and cry like a child, if you try to take to take them away from me!

Happy shooting with your Asahi Pentax K100.



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