Camera coverings/lightseal kits

If you’ve ever purchased a classic or vintage camera, you will no doubt know by now that invariably, the light seals and outside coverings, sometimes called leatherette, will need to be replaced for the camera to look really as it should…

I get a lot of emails every week from readers asking about replacement coverings and light seals, so I’m posting tis reminder again to give you an idea of what the products look like physically and what I have in stock.

I’ve always been a lover of the Olympus Trip 35 camera, and most of my stock is weighted heavily in that direction! Well, it is very definitely THE best point and shoot film camera produced..EVER.

So, here is a selection of the best colors of coverings I like and prices etc.

Other colors and finishes are available, but the ones that look more professional are shown here…by professional I mean that some coverings, in my honest opinion, do tend to make a classic camera look like a cheap toy….something you really do not want.

Coverings and light seals are self adhesive, so no messing around with fiddly glues etc.

Here are my favorites anyway:












Camera skin covering and light seal prices are $15 each plus $4.99 shipping….these prices are for the Olympus Trip 35 only…other camera prices range from $15 to $25…pls email me for info.

A quick word about light seal kits…one kit contains 3 sets of seals, so enough for 3 cameras…and this seal material is guaranteed to outlast the life of your camera!

Here is a list of other cameras I offer skins for:

Ricoh GR IV digital

Ricoh GR III digital

Leica III screw to M7

Polaroid SX 70

Olympus Pen (not Pen Ft) EE series cameras

Olympus Trip 35

Olympus OM1. OM2, OM4

Rollei 35

Pentax SP, S2, LX range

Contax II, III

Kiev 2, 3, 4

Zorki 1c, 1d, Zorki 4, 4K

FED 2, type c and d

Nikon S, S2, FM3A, F3, EL

Canon F1

Mamiya RB67

Rolleicord V, Va, Vb (front only)

email: harsum888 at yahoo dot com

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