1. Why are there no payment buttons to click?

After several customer requests, I have removed payment buttons, as the majority of people found that it was easier to make their purchase via email.

2. If I pay by direct bank transfer, will my bank account be safe?

Yes, all payments by direct bank transfer are 100% safe — the same method is used when we get our salaries paid into our bank accounts each month — the system used is the BACS system. Remember, even when you decide to pay by cheque, I will still have the same details on your cheque that are used for direct bank transfers, ie your sort code and bank account number, so there is absolutely no danger in releasing these details when you want to make payment in this way.

3. Do you keep a record of my bank account details?

No. most definitely not! Once you have made your payment into my bank, I have absolutely no access at all to your bank account.

4. What if I wish to return my purchase?

You may return your purchase within 7 days for a no-arguments, no-quibble refund. However, as with all major mail order sales transactions, return postage is not refundable.

5. How can I pay for my item?

You have several options to pay for your purchase: you can pay via direct bank transfer (just email me at harsum888@yahoo.com and I will send you my bank details), or you can pay via NOCHEX (again please email me for details), or you can also pay me via personal cheque/PO if you are in the UK. Finally, you may pay via Paypal but only as a last resort, due to the high fees charged by Paypal!

6. How do I know my item has been shipped?

If you are in the UK, your item wil be shipped either via 1st class recorded delivery or Next Day Special Delivery, depending upon value of item. Either way, I will send you a tracking number for your item, with which you can monitor the status of your parcel at any time before delivery.

If you are based in any other overseas country, shipping will be by Royal Mail International Signed For delivery, meaning delivery is guaranteed, and you will need to sign for the parcel when you receive it. Again, I will send you a tracking number so you can track the parcel at any time.

7. Can I collect the item personally?

Unfortunately, I have no provision for personal collections, as I am a private individual collector, and do not operate as a business.

8. How do I know that you will not disappear with my money?

Very reasonable question! This is precisely why I request you to make your payment by direct bank transfer, as by doing so, your transaction is recorded automatically from your side, as well as my side, for your own safety. So just in case you have to make a claim against me, all you have to do is locate the details of the payment from your bank account (date, amount paid and person paid) and your bank will claim your funds in full from my bank.

To put your mind at rest, in all the time I have been selling cameras and photographic equipment (which is more than 20 years, well before the internet came into being!), I have not had a single complaint from any of my customers.

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