I write for u

Let’s cut straight to the chase!

I write…be it reviews, documents, manufacturing procedures, social history, latest gadgets, vintage cameras, films, movie reviews new or old, you get the idea…

If you have something you wish to be put into words, I’m your man. Forget what I charge, forget what the others charge, forget that you could do it yourself (you never will…I know…I speak from experience!)… you want it done, I’ll get it done, period.

I’ve written for many companies, small businesses and also individuals….not blowing my own horn but my writing was instrumental in many firms achieving their ISO 9000 accreditation, including Technicolor (UK).

Ok, so I’m not a magician, I’m quite close though…..but like all geniuses, I cannot produce something overnight, or yesterday….if you want something of quality, I make sure you get it in a reasonable time frame……agreed between ourselves.

So…..talk to me…..try me…..

E: harsum888 at yahoo dot com


2 Responses to I write for u

  1. Raquel says:

    Hahahahaha I just loved to read that!!!!

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