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In order to give a helping hand up to new photographers, or even old hands who for some reason have never brought their work to the attention of the world, here’s your chance!

I know exactly how a newcomer feels when he/she has just started with photography. Conversely, someone who has been taking photos for many years may also feel apprehensive at letting his or her work be seen by all and sundry.

And we are always reading about photographers who amassed huge amounts of fabulous shots, but never let them be seen by a single soul, until they passed away and their work was discovered. I feel this is wrong; why shouldn’t new and/or established talent not be brought out into the world so that it can be appreciated for what it is.

And so, it is with this in mind, that I am today embarking on a plan that should see many like-minded people agreeing to share their work with myself, and via this blog, with anybody the world over, who has an internet connection.

So if you have just started out in photography, or have been at it for a few years, or have been churning out stuff for many, many years, but have never brought it out to show anyone, please allow me to do it for you.

You can send me your work in many different ways; the quickest way is by email of course — just attach your shots in jpeg form to your email and send them to me here >>  Or if you only have prints, you can either have them scanned at your local photo shop and saved onto disk, or send me the actual prints (not too many, please!) and I will do the hard work of scanning and posting them here for you.

This will be a FREE service so why not take advantage of it?

I will sort out your best shots and post those only (don’t worry, I promise not to embarass anyone by posting shots you do not want posted!)

Secondly, I am also embarking on a FREE advice column here. This will again be helpful to many new starters, as I well remember the problems I myself had when I first picked up a camera! Ok, I admit I’m not as good as David Bailey (who’s he?….!!), but I have learnt a trick or two after having used film cameras for over 25 years or so! Just email me and I will try and assist you as fast as possible, but please do bear in mind that I do have a day job, too so can only put in as much time as I have spare.

Third, I have had a lot of enquiries from readers asking if I would be willing to take on individuals or small groups of enthusiasts for street photography courses. The good news is that I have already done this, albeit on a limited basis! Street photography being what it is, if we were to turn up in let’s say, London, in large groups, we would instantly lose the candid element of street shots, as everyone walking up and down the streets would see us coming a mile off! So for this reason, the few street sessions I have done were with just 2 to 4 people, and even those were not working in a group, to limit attention-grabbing. When I am ready to set up another street photography shoot, I will advertise it on this blog, so please do bookmark me and check in regularly!

If you’ve been dropping in regularly, you will know that I’m in London, UK for a little while longer, after which I will be going back to my home base in Vancouver, BC, Canada, so if I am able to arrange a street shoot here in the UK, I will let you know; if not, then I will see you in Canada!

Ok. So please contact me and let’s get this show on the road by hosting your work here! As an inducement to all you guys (and gals!), I am offering absolutely FREE, the world famous Olympus Trip camera to the first person to have their work show-cased here! No strings attached!

Your work will remain your property and copyright at all times, and will not be sold by myself to anyone, nor will it be passed on to any person or organisation, unless of course you expressly wish it. Your work will remain on my site for as long or as little time as you wish; there is no fixed period. However, depending upon the amount of material that starts flowing in, I may have to decide to limit the period for which work is displayed.

17 Responses to Newcomers click here!

  1. I wait in anticipation for you next street photography session. Only picked up a camera this July for first time, so need quality tips, etc.

    • no probs, sir! i hope to post some more pics by this weekend!

      • Obviously I failed to explain myself clearly. This Sunday, whilst shooting in Clapham, I was attacked and beaten for taking street shots. I was hoping you would/will start your street photography classes for newbies like myself to enroll on. You obviously have the experience and knowledge that, I hope, would help me conduct myself better in street situations. I don’t think my ribs or face can take anymore battering 🙂

      • oh, no! terribly sorry to hear that! just goes to show you what can sometimes happen….i must admit, in all the years ive been doing it, ive never ever been attacked, either verbally or physically. ok, you sometimes get an odd look now and then if they spot you, but thats about all.
        i dont mean to downgrade anyone’s country or anything, but thats one reason why i finally left london…if you read my about page, i think ive explained it all there…i was in london for a long time, but its not the england i knew any more…its become very, very violent and even a wrong look at someone can get you knifed there these days.
        ok so we have a little violence in vancouver as well, but not like in london or new york…its linked to drug users in the main.
        can i ask what camera u were using? i never use one whihc can be spotted easily…heres a secret i’ll let you into…i either have my ricoh gr1s or grd, or failing that….a simple olympus trip 35 that ive painted black…and i never hold it up to look thru the v/finder…that would give the game away…no, i shoot from the hip with all my cameras, so nobody knows what im doing!
        just shows you the difference between the days of brassai, when people were happy to have their photo taken….nowadays they wanna kill you!
        well, be careful…but dont give up…carry on, but take the precautions above.

      • Unfortunately I use a Fujifilm S4500 Bridge camera. I tend to shoot from the hip too. But it’s like a brick so difficult to conceal. Most of the time I get no problems. It was just this single occasion. The chap I shot was okay at first, then had a schizophrenic moment. Looking at the shot, in hindsight (shot 30), there appears to be an air of madness in his eyes. No doubt drug related. Nevertheless, I will continue street shooting and will eventually buy a more suitable camera. Thank you for your advice. Well appreciated.

      • no problem, robin! perhaps you can post that shot here…so we acn see who caused the trouble….

      • yep…looks like a druggy….i stay away from peeps like this…u never know…they can change in secs…!
        compare that with the bums we have in Van city…theyre more than happy to talk to you all day about their problems…and u come away with as many shots as u want…;)

      • hard lesson not to be repeated. cheers!

      • just to clarify, i’m from the valleys of wales. so being in a city like london is a culture shock and eye opener. i have a habit of treating folk the same as i would in wales. we are a friendly nation that seems to clash with a city mentality.

      • ok..that explains a lot! i had a lot of welsh friends when i was in london…far as i know, they were a friendly bunch..way too friendly for a place like london!
        as u is far, far different o say…llandudnow…hope i spelt it right!
        no…as u said…just be careful…get a nice, small camera…black does the trick everytime!

      • thanx…will do! sorry to hog and bore you.

  2. Hi,

    Fortunately I don’t have the same problem as Robin – I’m just here because I’ve had my first ever camera (at the age of eighteen) for a few months now, and I’m too poor to buy myself into a photography class. 😦 The camera I have is a bridge camera which I picked up for about £90 second-hand, a FujiFilm S1730. I have no idea if that’s a good camera or not, I just personally like the way it takes pictures. Anyway, I’m simply here to slowly understand how to take pictures and gain knowledge in this field. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be able to help me. Thanks!

    • well, thats just fine….thats what we’re all here for…anytime youre not sure of something, feel free to drop by and leave a comment or an email…i always try and respond within 24 hrs, if not earlier!
      and dont worry…you wont be the only one sending in your queries…i cant speak for anyone else blogging here, but i receive loads of emails every week…happy shooting..and long live film…(and a little digital!)

  3. sandypics says:

    i shoot digital…can i also send my pics to you..would love to get feedback…

    • hi!
      of course, by all means, you are free to send me your photos via email….my email address is harsum888 at
      my blog provides a forum for not only my own photos, but also those by photographers all over the world!
      once i receive them, i will go thru and publish the best ones on my blog for you.

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