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Enter into the SpaceLab…..!

Recently I decided to do some posts about shops and businesses that interest me in and around the Vancouver downtown area. The first post was about the quirky bookshop that is called Spartacus, based in the Strathcona area of VanCity … Continue reading

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The world’s smallest rangefinder!

Just  a few days ago, I was on a shooting assignment in Vancouver’s Chinatown area, just taking pot shots of people and mostly anything I found interesting. The camera I was using this time was not my favorite Ricoh GR1, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year of the Horse!

It seemed a nice day for a casual walk around Vancouver Chinatown today, plus I had some shopping to do, so off I went. Unknown to me at that time, ignorant as I am, the few blocks around Chinatown were … Continue reading

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A few digital shots at my local coffee shop…..

Sometimes, you don’t have much to do, so you just sit there fidgeting or whatever…you know the story… In my case, I decided to take a few pot shots in my local coffee place, Waves in Chinatown, downtown Vancouver…with another … Continue reading

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Best place to live…Vancouver, BC

An example of the things that make Vancouver one of the best places to live….water, mountains, snow… I know everyone has probably heard that statistic about Vancouver being the best place to live etc. But speaking as someone who actually … Continue reading

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