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How to be a better photographer on a strict budget

It’s a conundrum, isn’t it? How on earth can you indulge in an expensive hobby like photography, if you have limited income? I get so many emails regarding this problem, and to tell you the truth, all I can recommend … Continue reading

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The low down on telescopes, how they work and best ones to buy

Recently I added an extra page to this blog, a page about telescopes. This is an easy way to indulge myself into what has been my favourite hobby for as long as I can remember….in fact, as long as I’ve … Continue reading

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The magic is not in your camera; it’s in your eye.

People always say how much they like such and such photo, or shots taken by someone they know. And as much as they may like particular photos, I tend to think that if it wasn’t for that particular photographer’s eye … Continue reading

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..and a mysterious face appeared…..

you know, im not generally a believer in spooks or suchlike, but once in a while, something happens…maybe in a dream, maybe in real life…that makes you think twice before rushing into conclusions…. like the other day….i’d just bought a … Continue reading

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