Sky-Watcher Heritage-130P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope

A new addition to this site.

Well, I’ll let you into a secret…this gives me a chance to indulge in another of my favourites aside of cameras, radio control aircraft and a few other things…..telescopes.

As a boy I was always interested in looking at the stars and the moon, but as always, it was a question of money at that time, which was in short supply. So I used to try to have a look through a small telescope my cousin had bought, but him and his family were a bit aloof and every time I asked him if I could use it, I got a dirty look….and I got the message pretty quick.

If it wasn’t for birthdays, I probably wouldn’t have been able to indulge in my hobbies, so I finally was given a telescope during my birthday. It was only a small one, but with it, I was able to look at the moon and draw some of the biggest craters and features.

So anyway, I began to like astronomy. And now I am in heaven, because I get to handle telescopes that I couldn’t even dream of in those days!

Because it is a new venture for me, I will stock just a few models to start with, and depending upon demand, will increase it in stages. I hope you will share my love of the heavens and browse through these products, or even better still make a purchase… will please me no end to see that there are people out there who also love telescopes.

Skywatcher Heritage 76 reflecting telescope–click here

Skywatcher Supatrak Explorer 130P telescope–click here

8 Responses to Telescopes

  1. MartyW47 says:

    Telescopes are definitely fun!

    • thanks you for agreeing, marty!
      when i was a kid, these things were way out of reach due to the cost etc….now, in middle age, i can indulge myself at last!

      • MartyW47 says:

        I hear ya, when I was a kid I wanted one sooooo bad but never got one. It wasn’t until I ordered one as a Christmas gift from the place where I was working that I finally got one, nothing fancy. I’ll up grade to a better one some day…. 😉

      • hehe! im glad i wasnt the only one who cried for one but never got it!
        looking back on it, i can see the logic behind not buying it…dad only earned $30 a week in them good, old, bad old days….and that was working real hard, doing manual labour, too.
        sometimes i think back to those days…and compare the life i lead now…sitting on my butt making a little money here and there by typing on my laptop…to the life most people, including my dad, lead in those days….makes you eternally grateful, kind of…

  2. MartyW47 says:

    I hear ya, I see and use a lot of the technological marvels that were in their infancy when my dad passed away… I remember a childhood before cellphones, computers, and digital video/music/pictures. We’ve gained a lot since those days but we’ve lost a lot too…

    • well glory-be, marty!
      at last, somebody who agrees with what i keep saying all the time!
      and you pretty well nailed it in the last sentence…we’ve gained a lot, but lost a damn sight more!
      when i was a kid, if i walked past my neighbour without saying hello or good morning, and if that person told my mum about it, i would get a talking to…we respected the police and stayed away from them….we ate at the same table every night, sitting together and chatting and eating….now my kids take their food to their rooms and eat on their own…people prefer solitude rather than friendship….sorry, marty….ive taken my old violin out again..!

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