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You may have already read my post about people in other parts of the world being in very much worse positions than what we enjoy in the West.

In an attempt to help them, I am offering some notebooks cum journals that are produced by these people entirely by hand, no automated machinery is used, nor can they afford it. The leather covers are all hand-embossed using mechanical presses, the paper is 100% recycled and handmade, with bits of tiny flowers embedded inside during pressing, even the string tie is woven by hand.

Size is approx 8cm x 7cm x 2cm — lovely tiny size for pocket/handbag. I am trying to obtain some more different designs as well.

So be warned — this is a handmade product and there will obviously be small imperfections with the paper and coverings; all part of the fun of using such an item! The paper is not suitable for writing with fountain pens — ballpen or pencil is fine.

Price UK/Europe is just £3.25 plus £1.50 shipping

USA/Canada/rest of world price is US$4.85 plus US$2.50 shipping

You can pay via Google Checkout, PPPay, Paypal or direct bank transfer into my Bank of America, CIBC Canada and Natwest (UK) bank accounts. Email me on harsum888 at yahoo dot com, or please leave me a message via a comment.

Read my original post here

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