Interesting books to read

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Books I have read (dates indicate when):

Trek—Paul Stewart (about 4 english peeps crossing the sahara in a morris minor)

Clara’s War—Clara Kramer (a family in hiding during the nazi era)

The Heart of the world—Ian Baker (looking for the secret place in hidden Tibet)

Giant Steps—Karl Bushby (Goliath expedition; ex-soldier walks from S America to UK)

The hard road to Klondyke—Michael MacGowan (from Ireland to Klondyke for gold)

Four quarters of light—Brian Keenan(travels in Alaska)

Hey, I’m alive—Helen Klaben(49 days surviving in the Yukon after plane crash)

All kinds of magic—searching for spirituality in the East (Piers Moore Ede) excellent book. Jan 2011

Walking home—Lynn Schooler (a journey in the Alaskan wilderness) very good read. Jan 2011

A handful of earth—Barney Bardsley (healing thru allotment gardening! Nice read. Feb 2011

A lucky child—Thomas Buergenthal (author survived Auschwitz) Feb 2011

The meditators handbook—David Fontana (March 2011)

The Magnetic North—Sara Wheeler (life in the arctic circle) Apr 2011

America Unchained—Dave Gorman (an Englishman drives across usa in vintage car (Apr 2011)

The Long exile—Melanie McGrath (true story of deception of the Inuit by Canada Govt (May 2011)

Into the Abyss—Benedict Allen (solo across the Bering Strait with no backup crew. June 2011)

Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India—William Dalrymple. July 2011)

Call of the white—Felicity Aston (8 commonwealth women ski to North Pole. Aug 2011)

La Grande Therese-The greatest swindle of the century—Hilary Spurling. Aug 2011)

Traversa—Fran Sandham (solo walk across Africa. Aug 2011)

We die alone—David Howarth (WW2 escape from germans in Norway)

North of the sun—Fred Hatfield (living alone in Alaskan wilderness)

Write it down, make it happen–Henriette Anne Klauser. May 2012

In and Of–Jack Haas (memoirs of a mystic journey) June 2012

The teachings of Don Juan–Carlos Castaneda (June 2012)

Call of the wild–Guy Grieve (alone in the Alaskan wilds. June 2012)

Ansgar Walk–life story of an Inuit artist

Ten years among the Eskimos–Lawrence Millman

Mountie in mukluks–Arctic adventures of Bill White

People of the deer–Farley Mowat

North to Slave Lake–Stan A Morton

Nahnni Trailhead–Joanne Moore

Wager in the wind–Don Sheldon

The Day Job–Mark Wallington

The Living Arctic–Fritz Muller

The New Way of the Wilderness–Calvin Rutstrum


7 Responses to Interesting books to read

  1. I like your picture of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris; I’ve always wanted to visit. You might enjoy Johnny Mercer’s book Time Was Soft There about the time he spent living and working at the bookstore in 1999.

    • great recommendation! i will try and get hold of a copy asap! i read somewhere that though bookshops in the usa/uk are closing down…possibly due to the Kindle plague…in Paris, its a whole new story, with a bookshop opening virtually every month! ive always loved books and bookshops…the best one ive been to is the Elliott Bay bookshop in seattle, said to be the one shown in Frasier, the tv show!

  2. you should read: ALIVE–that story of the plane crash in the Andes…an oldie but a goody..:) Great titles–i saw the flick: Call of the Wild–more a Steinbeck/McCarthy gal otherwise…but a great flick, and I know the book must be better.

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